20 June 2012

Headless chicken

Hello everyone!  Just letting you know that I am still here, but feeling a little at sixes and sevens like this poor chicken at the moment!  I'm busy sorting out my house here in KL in preparation for moving.   We will soon close a chapter on this side of Malaysia, but will reopen another further south in the country, in Johor Bahru later in the year!  I'm also heading back to the UK for the summer - our search for a future retirement property there continues!  In the meantime, whilst trying hard to be ruthless with unwanted/unworn/unread accumulated paraphernalia  I spent a while enjoying these lovely items stored carefully from the early years....

Beloved 'Tickle Bunny', 'Floppy dog', hand embroidered (by Grandma) bed cushion, first school books, china dolls and cats and many more items I would never part with!  Safely packed away again until the next time we open up the treasure chest!


  1. Like a chicken with your head cut off huh? Moving is not fun. Perhaps getting there and settling in is. Why the move...work related?
    Good luck on the finding new retirement digs.
    And yes, treasure chest of goodies is sweetly filled with good memories.

    1. Yes, Lynn, Jan takes up a new job in Johor Bahru in November! Have to find somewhere in UK soon as will be sending back a shipment of furniture from here!

  2. Your chicken made me laugh:)but I know all too well what moving house does to ones sanity so I understand totally why this chicken is missing his head:)
    What a sweet box of remembrances.

    1. Hi Cynnie - have done so many moves that I've lost count! But this is much more complicated than usual - with shipments going in two different directions!

  3. so you are staying in Malaysia? not move now to england?

    and you are taking your family's precious memories with you. i wouldn't part with 'Tickle Bunny', 'Floppy dog', or the hand embroidered bed cushion either. someday, you may have a great grandchild taking possession :^)

    that chicken is pathetic! it should have quit while it was ahead. :^)


    1. Hi KJ - yes, Jan retires from one job and takes up a new one in Johor Bahru later in the year! We are happy to have a little extra time here in Malaysia!x

  4. I don't envy you Caroline, I'm terrible about making decisions about what to part with. Good Luck with everything. Are you looking forward to living back in the UK?

  5. I love the thought of being in the heat of Malaysia while also looking for a house in Devon or Cornwall - what delicious differences. Good luck with the moves and all the sorting out that comes with a move.

  6. You must be going bonkers! Moving (even if exciting) can be so stressful. And you're searching for two places, not one.

    Best of luck Caroline! I know you'll find another paradise ;)


  7. Oh my you have a lot on your plate! Exciting, however! Stuff can be such a problem, finding the right home for it is usually rewarding and tiring. Good luck with all of that! wish I could help...but i am so ADD that i would surely get in the way and upset everything by saying " oh NO, you really must KEEP that"...The monkey's will miss you!

  8. Oh I thought you were moving to the UK!
    But you are moving south and looking for a home for later in the UK! That is a lot!
    Yes moving makes you see and touch all your things again good to trow away things and to keep the treasures :)
    Wish you strength with all the work stress , but I know some parts are fun too ;) ♥M

  9. What's with the headless chicken? lol
    Anyways, good luck with the move hope you'll find a house suitable for you guys. Those old stuff sure have a sentimental value for you.

  10. I also have things that are important to me. It has a sentimental value cause it was given by someone who is close to my heart. It will never be apart from me.

  11. A headless chicken? That's so disturbing. lol Anyways, I would love to read a new post from you. Its been awhile.

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