31 December 2011

Hello - I'm just popping for a last post before 2011 ends!

I hope you all had a good Xmas!!

We have had a lovely family celebration with both daughters at home for the first time together for several years! We've had some marvelous meals, including Xmas lunch in the garden,  and days out sightseeing in KL (photos to follow another time)!

 I wonder though, if perhaps, like me, you've indulged in just a  little too much delicious food and drink?  

Anyone out there beginning to feel a tad jaded?  Or maybe wondering why your clothing seems to have shrunk lately?  Sounds familiar doesn't it?!

  I bet you're making your New Year's resolutions to stop eating those cookies right now!!  

Well, if you're keen to make a new start, I've got a really good solution to your worries!!  My daughter Jules, the one in the middle in the family photo above, who is  a qualified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer,  has  some excellent remedies to get you back on track and feeling fit in 2012.

Choice of one of the following templates:
  • Detox
  • Weight loss
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free

Each diet plan will be designed around your specific needs, with options of Skype consultations available within package.

Don't miss out! Get yourself back on track after the Christmas indulgences!
Pop over to Nutrifit with Jules now and sign up to follow her blog to be sure not to miss the launch of her exciting new plans in January!


Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year!xx

23 December 2011

19 December 2011

Cambodia Part II

 More pics from Cambodia  - see part I here.  Loved this laughing dog!

Nose to nose!

Banteay Kdei - built in 1186.


Wasp nest.

 Back at the hotel found this Poppy light fixture made from coconuts

 Lotus blooms in the  lobby.

Stone carving.

And more beautiful pieces I'd have liked to take home with me!

The inviting pool.

 Next, quite a trek up those steps at Pre Rup!
Worth it for the view!

This is Ta Prohm - this most amazing temple has been engulfed by the jungle.  Abandoned to the elements, it was discovered in 1860.  Awesome in the true sense of the word!!


Spotted this root that looks like a fist holding a root.

 This is Banteay Srei - this petite pink temple is the jewel in the crown! The elaborate carvings here are said to be the finest to be found in Cambodia.   The name translates as 'Fortress of the Women' as the intricate detail here was considered too fine for the hands of a man. Stunning place to visit!


Spot the ant!

Hope you enjoyed visiting Siem Reap !


 These are a couple of the pieces I've been working on recently.  Two collages of cats sitting on paper quilts.  I printed the design onto cards.

These are some of the other cards I made to sell at a Xmas Bazaar.  I've been too busy to upload these to Etsy and it's a bit late for Xmas now, but I'll put the non Christmassy ones in the shop soon.


I've been updating my children's name pictures too - more about these in another post!


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