19 December 2011

Cambodia Part II

 More pics from Cambodia  - see part I here.  Loved this laughing dog!

Nose to nose!

Banteay Kdei - built in 1186.


Wasp nest.

 Back at the hotel found this Poppy light fixture made from coconuts

 Lotus blooms in the  lobby.

Stone carving.

And more beautiful pieces I'd have liked to take home with me!

The inviting pool.

 Next, quite a trek up those steps at Pre Rup!
Worth it for the view!

This is Ta Prohm - this most amazing temple has been engulfed by the jungle.  Abandoned to the elements, it was discovered in 1860.  Awesome in the true sense of the word!!


Spotted this root that looks like a fist holding a root.

 This is Banteay Srei - this petite pink temple is the jewel in the crown! The elaborate carvings here are said to be the finest to be found in Cambodia.   The name translates as 'Fortress of the Women' as the intricate detail here was considered too fine for the hands of a man. Stunning place to visit!


Spot the ant!

Hope you enjoyed visiting Siem Reap !


  1. Caroline, I have been enjoying the photo albums of your Cambodian trip. What a beautiful place. I have always wanted to go to Ankor vat. My friend is from Cambodia and recall her birthplace with longing and sadness. One night they took her father away and he was never found since. She believes he was taken to one of the killing fields. She was just a little girl then. She and the other survivung members of her family fled the Khmer Rogue to Thailand and eventually to the U.S. Seeing these photographs makes me feel enormous sadness for my friend. For a society that had such a rich cultural and historical heritage to succumb to communism and eventually the destruction of its people and society is truly sad. I am however, thankful that at least the Khmer Rogue did not destroy these ancient temples, unlike the Egyptians who continue to riot and have now started burning the Cairo library and ancient maps and manuscripts

    Temples such as these remind us of the wisdom, intelligence of humans and it is a tribute to societies who can maintain respect and reverence for its past and therefore preserve it for future generations to be inspired. Thank you for sharing.

  2. These are wonderful pictures Caroline. I almost feel I've visited myself and yet not left home but I would have liked a dip in the pool! Those trees and roots are particularly fascinating.

  3. WOW! Now on my "to do" list! What a gorgeous part of the earth!! What is that bag thing hanging from the rocks? Awesome! Great post!

  4. Fantastic photos Caroline. Would love to take a dip in that pool! I love the photo with the bikes too. Hope you have a great Xmas.

  5. absolutely amazing pics and what a place! love that temple with the tree surrounding it - what an amazing statement.

    thanks for the trip

  6. Makes me want to jump on the next plane out of Munich...what fabulous shots!! I just had a short trip...thanks for taking me along:)


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