30 September 2010

Illustration Friday

'Old-fashioned Remedy'

© Caroline Soer 2010

Here is my offering for this week's Illustration Friday theme of 'Old-fashioned'. Lavender is an old-fashioned cottage garden flower and has been used for centuries as a remedy for various ailments as well as for its fragrance. My little watercolour illustrates an old-fashioned remedy - you may have to click to enlarge if you'd like to read the writing on the label!

Dried Lavender

watercolour © Caroline Soer 2010

Just what you need to fill a little old-fashioned lavender sachet to pop into your underwear drawer!

26 September 2010

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts!

Had a weekend of hassle with overflowing water tanks, but every cloud has a silver lining.. our plumbers harvested the coconuts from the palm tree! Now just gotta put de lime in de coconut!

24 September 2010

Illustration Friday

'The cow jumped over the moon' -
mixed media on mountboard ©Caroline Soer 2010

Here I am again posting my illustration just hours before the next Illustration Friday word is out! The word is Acrobat. Here's a little painting on mountboard.

22 September 2010

I believe I can fly!

Sweet dreams are made of this..

I believe I can fly!

You'd better believe it! Click the pic to listen to my one of Mum's favourites!

15 September 2010

Illustration Friday

watercolour and ink with collage © Caroline Soer 2010

"If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come". Chinese proverb

This week the Illustration Friday prompt is 'Proverb'. Been a bit busy lately so rooted through the archives and found something I made for a postcard exchange a few months back. I created this with watercolour, ink and collaged papers. If you're interested, you can view the postcards I made here.

6 September 2010

Illustration Friday


watercolour pencil and collage - © Caroline Soer 2010

This week's word at Illustration Friday is Dessert. This is an image from my sketchbook created with watercolour pencils and collage.

2 September 2010

Illustration Friday

'Immovable' water media ©Caroline Soer 2010

This week's Illustration Friday word is 'immovable'. Stubborn as a mule came to mind and that's a little how I've felt about this piece! I spent so long drawing the donkey (at least half a dozen attempts and I'm still not happy) that I didn't really leave enough time to work it up properly and rushed it. Added to that I used hotpress paper for a change - wish I hadn't - I'm so out of practice with this type of paper, as having been unable to buy it here in KL I've changed to NOT and have enjoyed using a much more sloshy-watery technique. This HP is rather slippery and unforgiving - can't imagine that I used to use this all the time! So, I made mistakes and wanted to correct them, but just got in more of a pickle - my mistakes were immovable! I used some gouache and watercolour pencil to cover up botches - really not up to standard and I've been in two minds whether to post it or not, but I do like to keep up with IF if I can! So, I'll hit the publish button and be done with it!

1 September 2010

Simon's Cat - Caroline's Cat

New Simon's Cat video!

We move house a lot which means some great toys for the cats - these were terrific and specially for them there was a tiger on the front too! But in the absence of decent cardboard box to play in ...

a basket or plastic bag will do nicely, thanks!

Luckily I'm never without a feline to warm a sketch!

Any old sketch will do...

but a portfolio is superior!


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