1 September 2010

Simon's Cat - Caroline's Cat

New Simon's Cat video!

We move house a lot which means some great toys for the cats - these were terrific and specially for them there was a tiger on the front too! But in the absence of decent cardboard box to play in ...

a basket or plastic bag will do nicely, thanks!

Luckily I'm never without a feline to warm a sketch!

Any old sketch will do...

but a portfolio is superior!


  1. Oh I just loved that top video. So typical of a cat-in-a-box. The paw darting through holes always has me in stitches.

  2. Oh Bless. I love that Tia. She is so like my brother's Pixie they are almost identical Caroline. Thanks for uploading Simon's cat. He has obviously studied cats in great detail as all the mannerisms are exact.

  3. HAHAHA LOVE Simon's cat- he does know kitties! Your kitty is of course the most adorable. Love you sketches that he keeps in order...sleeping kitty, sweet!

  4. he is just the most clever man!!! And he was smart to see what a gold mine cat humor is ;)

    When the doorbell rang my dog barked!! hahaha!

    The box one was hilarious. I love how the cat tried to look cool after a clumsy move!

    Thanks for sharing caroline. Always nice to see your lovely space and beautiful Tia♥

  5. I love Simon's Cat videos. I am so glad you brought this to our attention.

  6. OMG! These are LOVELY reminders of what it is to have a cat... they made me cry, they made me laugh...

    Your cats are wonderful...what expressions!!!!

    Thank you for a great post!~

    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. These are great and the pictures of your kitty are wonderful.

  8. Just what I needed!
    A big smile!
    I love Simon's cat! Reminds me of my Sjimmie ;)
    But I am sure these videos are so brilliant that everyone recognizes his own cat in them.......

    Have a nice day dear!!!

  9. Oh, this video says it all! So cute.

  10. Those videos are so wonderful! They gave me a big smile.


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