The Brooklyn Sketchbook Project

This page is devoted to the sketchbook I filled  for the Brooklyn Sketchbook Project 2011.  My book has the title 'In Flight'. I've used several different media in its creation.   Many illustrations were sketched direcly on the  pages in graphite and coloured pencils.  For others, as the book paper is very thin,  I've painted various grounds with watercolours and inks and drawn on these with oil and chalk pastels, pencils and inks.  I've  used stamps and collage as well as folding and cutting various papers and decoupaging onto my own  lino cut printed paper.  Some images, namely the Peace Dove series, are taken from original larger lino prints which had been printed onto watercolour backgrounds. 

I thoroughly enjoyed creating this book and I do  hope you enjoy browsing! Click on any image to enlarge.





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