30 March 2012

Bird and cats at Hillview

 I managed to get my camera out just in time to snap this Kingfisher through the car window this week!  Not a terrific shot,  but good enough to see those beautiful blue feathers and extra long beak!

It's been while since I took photos of  my cats.  So without further ado ....

Tia likes to sit beside me on the printer.   Here she is objecting to my choice of music this afternoon - Phil Collins 



before long though she was fast asleep...

and a little later I asked her if I could use the printer  ........  I didn't ask again!  I know when to leave well alone!

Bob, on the other hand, shares his possessions!  He enjoys a game of football with us.  This is his  favourite frog (it's a dog toy, but don't tell him!).

One-eyed Bob is very relaxed and enjoys Phil Collins ..

and chillin on the kitchen floor right beside my feet!

Have a lovely relaxing weekend!


  1. I always love seeing your kitties!

    Tia, always the critic ;)


  2. OH...and that Kingfisher!!! OMG! Stunning!

  3. WHAT A GORGEOUS BIRD!!! Our Kingfishers are green and brown, not nearly as beautiful as this.
    Love your cats. They're so small and trim. Mine are sooooo fat I'd be embarrassed to show their photos.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. If I had lots of money I would travel the world to see all of the Kingfisher family. They are such beautiful birds. Lucky you to have such an exotic one near to watch. Your kitties are sweet. I hope you have a great weekend too.

  5. wow,,,,I said that when I saw the bird...what a beauty. I love your kitty kats...they are both sooooooooooooo cute!!! Have a great weekend too. I am off to a watercolor workshop....middleground...yikes...I mean do we ever even consider what is between the foreground and background............this should be interesting to say the least. I mean if I concentrate on the middleground don´t I then turn it into the center of interest,,focal point...oh boy,,I am asking myself questions already:)

  6. the kingfisher not a terrific shot? ha! it is quite terrific!!

    i don't know anyone who could capture their cat winking. beautiful and adorable, caroline.

    do you have a fan club? i would like to be a charter member :^)


  7. Wow, beautiful kingfisher! The coloring on him is wonderful! And awwww, your kitties look quite content and happy. I dunno, I think Phil's singing must have been soothing to Tia. Like a lullaby. Have a beautiful weekend!

  8. Bob does look like he is winking and has a good joke to tell.Tia, so dressed up in fancy suit!That bird looks so top heavy, does not look like a good bird design. beautiful however! thanks for capturing him!


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