28 February 2011

This n that 2

This is my daughter, Jules. The pic was taken last November in Dubai! More recently she and I have been setting up her new blog 'Nutrifit with Jules' - which, as of today is now officially up and running!

Click to visit blog

Jules is a final year student of Nutrition in Sydney and a practicing Personal Trainer. In her blog she will share great information about diet and exercise. She'd love you visit! You'll find interesting and useful articles and recipes to help you on your way to leading a healthy life!

I've still not had much inclination to put paint to paper in the studio, so here are a few more pics from my files. The first are of super walk we made recently at Taman Tar, quite close to our house . It's a really steep climb but what greets you when you get to the top makes it really worthwhile!

The steep steps through the rainforest.

Time to catch breath!

Nearly there!

At the top - you'd never expect this lovely tranquil scene !

Or that you are still so close to KL - those are the twin Petronas Towers in the distance.

Back at home it's been raining heavily most afternoons - here the pool is almost full!

The Bauhinia flowers are blooming in the garden - Dusky Leaf Monkeys find them delicious!

Uh oh - who's that over there?

Something on the prowl down there....

Hope you all have a good week!


  1. That walk looks amazing Caroline and I would never expect the lake at the top. Walking is one of my favourite things to do - it seems to put everything into perspective for me.

    Great blog from Jules!

  2. he Jules commented on my blog and I thought....he a new face, but now I know she is your daughter .
    Her blog looks great! (so does she)
    How wonderful to meet monkeys in your own garden. You live in such a paradise!

    Enjoy your day Caroline!

  3. Ah who wants to paint and draw in the sudio when you have this beautiful paradise waiting to be explored? Have a great week, Caroline.

  4. That's a lovely photo of your daughter! Sounds as though she's going to do well with her healthy career! :)

  5. that photo of jules and her 'friend' will stay in my mind for years. they are both smiling!

    marianne got a lucky new visitor. i'm on my way myself to say hello and welcome.

    caroline: you have these monkeys in your back yard? seeing the pool was exciting enough! i can now see the challenge of new house hunting :^)


  6. p.s. notice i neglected to say anything about your hike?

    yours truly,
    ms. sedentary

  7. Breathtakingly beautiful! So much green! I love looking at your photos and wish I could visit.
    Will your daughter make me skinny again? I'm skipping,(no, running) over to her blog this minute!

  8. haha, I'm with katie on needing help from your lovely daughter!!

    Spectacular local shots my friend. Paradise indeed!
    And what's this KJ says...are you moving? Did I not pay attention?

    I miss your art but it's always so nice to see your face. And of course HRH, Tia ;)


  9. Oh wow, what a fanTAStic picture of your daughter! And Yay for her new blog! I sure could use a few good health tips.

    The photos from your walk are heavenly! I can just imagine sitting by the water for hours up there. Gorgeous!

  10. Very impressed with Jules's blog Caroline. She is obviously very passionate about healthy living. Good luck to her.

    I go through periods when I really don't feel arty at all. Luckily I have hugely filled sketchbooks with loads of ideas and inspirations so I just toy with something already half done rather than starting something from scratch. Have a break from it and one day you will be inspired.

    Love the monkey picture with the leaf in its mouth - too cute. Tia is gorgeous as always. Have a good week and think of us freezing over here..haha.

  11. The next best thing to creating art is a walk through the rain forest .... once you've got up the steep bits. Wonderful surprise at the top! Off to see your daughters blog.

  12. Breath taking gorgeous county! Beautiful full of life- just like your daughter. Lovely!


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