30 December 2008

Wildlife in the garden

Here are some pics of some of the wildlife we've come across recently.(Click on the photos for a better view). On Christmas Day we found this little snake in the grass beside the swimming pool. We reckon it to be a Malayan Many Toothed Snake - apparently an uncommon sight due to its small size and secretive nature.

Glad it wasn't anything bigger - heard that a neighbour's dog had been bitten on the tongue by a cobra and didn't survive the experience - yikes!

On the balcony roof outside our bedroom we spotted this cute little fellow. A Fruit Bat, I think.

These Dusky Leaf Monkeys visit from time to time. Their limbs and tails are really long and their posture is so human! Amusing to watch their antics but they've been stripping the Frangipane trees of their leaves which is a pity.

A pair of Mynah birds clearly setting up home under the roof tiles.

And finally Tia investigating one of the new pots by the pool!


  1. Tia is so cute Caroline. She is very like one of my cats Tiggy before he got lazy and put on weight. I really like your photos of KL too. Lots of inspiration there. As for your new house...gorgeous. I think our house here in England would fit in one room of yours...lol.

  2. Thanks for your comments, Cathy! Tia belongs to my daughter but we've adopted her since she left home!
    We love our house here and are enjoying the space whilst we can - the next move will be to something a lot smaller, no doubt!

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