30 April 2009

Happy Birthday Julie !

May 1st is our younger daughter's 25th birthday!! We hope you have a wonderful day - wish we could be with you to celebrate your quarter century, but sadly Sydney is just a tad too far!! As you can see below your 'beloved' Tia cat wishes you a very happy birthday too - she thought the pink ribbons were fun for 30 seconds and after 20 minutes of chasing her around the house and garden to get a good pic, I gave up!

As you can as she basically only wanted to blow a (Happy Birthday) raspberry at you!!!! Lots of love Mum and Dad and Tia xxxx


  1. I love love love tuxedo cats! Your daughter is stunning...happiest of birthdays to her and many blessings!

    The photo series of Tia is adorable. Made me smile huge! And man oh man...your house is so clean!!!!
    I had a dream once that my whole house was clean ;)


  2. Thanks mum! I look young in that pic! - i hear it's all down hill from here! ;) pictures of Tia are great and it doesn't surprise me that all I get is a stuck out tongue...sums up our relationship perfectly! love you xx

  3. Happy 25th birthday to your beautiful daughter. Thats the hardest part of the expat way of life, is being far away. YOur post is lovely and Tia cat is so cute and her tongue out too..LOL! have a great weekend Caroline...xoxo Lisa

  4. Happy Birthday to your dear daughter. She is very happy and beautiful!
    What a coincident, today is my sister and student's birthday:)

  5. Happy happy birthday! 25, HOORAY! She is absolutely gorgeous, and the pics of Tia are oh-so adorable and funny.

    Julie, don't you believe it -- it is NOT all downhill from here. There's more awesomeness coming. :)

  6. Happy Birthday Julie.

    25, what a wonderful time in your life.

    It is all great Julie, every single year.

    Caroline -- for pictures, I don't search them like that. Almost all of these are from before I started blogging. If I saw it and liked it then I took it.

    Love Renee xoxo

  7. Your daughter is very lovely but then again she is your daughter so no surprise she is beautiful. The cat's birthday greeting is both classy and adorable. Happy birthday to the your daughter!

  8. Looks like a very entertaining feline, and your daughter is beautiful.

  9. Oh...now this is just too cute!!! Great photos!

  10. awwwwww! Your beautiful daughter must be missing Tia as she is cute as can be :) Happy birthday celebrations!!!

  11. i liked the beaches..all six kilometres :D


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