26 July 2009

Fiesta in Frigiliana

Who doesn't love a good fiesta? The Spaniards in Frigiliana certainly do! A pilgrimage is held in this pretty white village (situated about 6 kms inland from the coastal resort of Nerja) each year in June. Every man, woman, child, horse, mule and donkey dons their most decorative attire and turns out to accompany the image of Saint Antonio, which is transported in an oxcart, to Pozo Viejo, a place next to the River Higuerón, where the pilgrims gather in the shade of the pines for a rural outing.

Beautiful to behold - elegant, prancing horses. What's that you say? Never mind the horses, check out their riders?! Yes, some of them are worth a second look too!

Frivolous frills.

The town was packed - here's a bird's eye view of the spectators lining the route. Click for a close up.

The whole family enjoys an outing with the pony and trap. Love the little guy with his braces and cap just like Papa and there's Mama with a beautiful red flower tucked behind her ear.

Holding on tight!

With necklaces, earings, fans, bags and hair ornaments to match, these three flamboyant Senoras are strutting their stuff in flirty flamenco frocks!

The tinkling of little brass bells accompanies these mules trotting through the town .

We wandered around the narrow streets after the parade. It's a pretty town. I loved these decorative plates and pots hanging on the walls and perched on balconies. Don't they make a super display?

No room for a garden, but fresh herbs right on the doorstep .

And no matter where you are, there's always some elderly chap to be spotted clambering up a steep hill getting his daily exercise!

And some woman posing! It's quite a view out across the rooftops to the valley and the sea beyond though!

See you next in Granada!


  1. Your pictures make me want to go there, Caroline! How beautiful...and those horses!!! I would love to visit Spain again someday. :-)

  2. Exquisito!!! :) Thank you as always!

  3. What an amazing trip you had, Caroline! These pictures (and the ones below) are truly beautiful. I too want to go to Spain (and get some of those plates!)

  4. Ok, I was about to comment on this post when I came across your blog pet. It's cute that I have to play with it like a curious kid.haha!

    Now I can't comment properly because I can't get it out of my head.haha

  5. wow! you are having the trip of your life! The top photo of the dresses from the back is wonderful. I can just see it blown up giant size on my wall looking perfect!

  6. What a huge amount you saw on your trip Caroline. Everything is just so beautiful. Those plates on the walls are amazing - particularly the really colourful stripey ones and the one with the sun face. They remind me of Mary Rose Young ceramics. I particularly like the doorways and intricate tiles, and of course the amazing buildings perched up in the clouds. What a view they must have from there. What a shame you couldn't take more home with you.

  7. Wow! Just very beautiful!
    Each shots have their individual character:)

  8. Magnificent post Caroline! Such beautiful photos. The colors are lighting is so nice to see at 11:30 PM ;). Cheers!

  9. Love it all Caroline ! you know, it's a long time i haven't been to Frigiliana...we also forget about the magnificent white villages we have here.
    You surely make me want to go there in Autumn when the heat will be less fierce...
    I'm so sure you enjoyed your stay!

  10. You are only firing my desire to visit Spain even more! Thanks for your visit and kind comment - you have a lovely blog!

  11. Splendid...Your Muse must have been in seventh heaven surrounded by all that glorious color and light and composition EVERYWHERE! Spectacular shots...Love the frilly ruffles!


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