12 July 2009

Happy Birthday Louisa!

Our lovely daughter Louisa is 30 years young today (12th July)!

We hope you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy your celebrations in Oman!
With much love, Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxx

P.S. Someone else has something to add....

Whilst at my desk this morning a little birdie told me someone special has a birthday today!
Of course, I just love a celebration and being the party animal that I am, Mum made me a special birthday hat....

Which, to be honest, I didn't think much of at all.

Sooo last season and not my colours at all, darling!

However, whilst I was sleeping Mum managed to get the bonnet on without me noticing - hmmpph!

Sigh, I'm pretending not to notice but if she comes near me I'll probably take a swipe at her...

Personally, I feel I look better dressed in a pink plastic bag.

And best posing in my tuxedo high up in a tree!

By the way, I fished these out of the album for you!

This is you and Mum on your first birthday in Stockholm!
Between you and me, Mum's not much good at birthday hats and quite frankly (and I think you'll agree here) her cakes weren't up to much in those days either! Hope you get a better one today and don't forget to make a wish when you blow out all those candles!

Lots of love, Tia Cat xxx

P.S. Here I am singing Happy Birthday, yeah!


  1. Come on Tia Cat :o) the hat is not so much terrible :o) You have to get in a better mood it´s Louisas 30th birthsday, You just can not sleep like that :o. pull Yourself together! What kind of patry cat are you!!?? We have to wish HAPPY Birthday rush, rush!! Kristina

  2. Oh, what fun pictures of Tia Cat! Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! :-)

  3. Hi, Happy Birthday to your daughter, I hope that she has a great day! 2 of my sons birthdays are coming up, my youngest son will be 20 on the 14th, then my second oldest son will be 29 on the 18th. I'm having a BBQ today for them so I'll have a full house but lots of fun wit my sons and grand-children!
    You have to go and take a peek at my kitty, Ashes, I think her and Tia Cat just may be cousins! lol Gosh, they look so much alike! Love your pictures, they were great! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Happy Birthday to your beloved daughther Louisa:)
    You looks so sweet and contented.
    You must have given her the best birthday presents from years to years....
    Cute cute Tia Cat.
    You are so funny and cute. You just know how to make me smile!
    You also join in the birthday celebration.Ha..ha..

  5. What a lovely daughter you have Caroline. Belated birthday wishes to her and I hope she had a lovely day. I love Tia's adventures with the bag and hat too. Actually I think the hat suited her. We can't get anything on our kitties unless they are asleep either.

  6. What a beautiful birthday post...and pretty hilarious at the same time...Happy birthday Louisa fromt the desert of Arizona! :)

  7. Very entertaining post, Tia Cat looks charming with his birthday hat!

    Happy belated birthday to Louisa!


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