13 July 2009

South of France part II

Ready for Part 2 of this mini tour of Provence? Got your comfortable shoes on? You'll need them today as we'll be covering a fair amount of ground! First let's enjoy a stroll in the early morning sunshine. We're going to head out past the olive groves at the end of the road to admire the poppies and other wild flowers growing alongside the country road.

Now it's time to hop in the car to drive to Lac St Croix and the spectacular Gorges du Verdon.

Yes, the water really is that amazing colour! It's melt water from the mountains.

A little further on we reach the picturesque medieval town of Moustiere Ste Marie. The setting is dramatic - the town is perched in front of 2 towering limestone cliffs. It's a quaint little place, very popular with tourists and home to several Faience pottery 'ateliers'.

A nice little shop here with Provencal fabrics. Pity we're travelling with budget airlines on this trip - 15 kilos baggage allowance = not much shopping :(

Align CenterLooking across the valley from the town.

I think you can tell that I love the old shutters!

Moving on again to another very picturesque village. This is Tourtour - full of quaint, flower filled narrow streets ..

Charming cafes and restaurants...

and little art galleries.

This is a view from one. I love this pair of birds perched on the windowsill.

Two elegant sculptures and an amazing view!

Dog Tired

Time to pack up the suitcases, leave Provence behind and head for the airport again. Our next destination is Spain! See you there!


  1. Caroline are the little paintings done by you. They are absolutely gorgeous.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. Lovely, charming, and beautiful!!! I want to go! I love the old shutters, and the poppies and fabrics...**swoons**

    Your paintings are so sweet, too.

    Looking forward to your Spain pics. I was in Rota for about 10 days in 2005 and loved it!

  3. Lovely travel shots and paintings!
    It's a passion to travel and share the joy...!
    Thanks Caroline!

  4. I'm really hankering to get to Provence now! The sculptures are charming and I love the little shops and the shutters. Your paintngs are lovely. Thanks so much for the tour Caroline.

  5. Really enjoying touring with you by proxy. You have taken some wonderful photos Caroline and now I want to go to Provence too. How did you resist those wonderful fabrics? I have loved Provencal designs since I was quite young.

    My favourites are those beautiful shutters, the gorgeous sculptures, particularly the woman with the plait and of course your lovely artwork. What a great idea to take your paints with you. Looking forward to the next leg of the journey. Hope it is not too hot where you are. We are much cooler at the moment.

  6. Caroline the watercolours are incredible.

    Seriously, Wow.


  7. Oh, my, what a lovely trip! Thanks for taking us along!

    You and I share a love of shutters! Love the peeling paint, and the soft, weather-faded colors.

  8. I just found you through Renee's blog, and I hope it's OK that I am now a follower of yours.
    This post was just glorious, the photos and your watercolors were just the little respite I needed today. Thank you!

    Best wishes from Wisconsin, USA.

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  10. So sorry, that was me I am on the hubbies computer :) I enjoyed every glorious moment of this and you ended it with a bang, the dog and the wonderful buildings and your drawings, how lovely!!! Thank you Caroline and I can't wiat for Spain :)I am illustrating a book about Spain..

  11. Wow, you take amazing pictures, Caroline! Such beautiful compositions and colors (and I too love shutters!) And it was fun to see some of the delightful illustrations you created during this trip. Looking forward to Spain! :-)

  12. Another beautiful travel chapter filled with gorgeous views and punctuated with your lovely delicate artistic touch...Ahhh I so LOVE coming here!

  13. Oh, wow, I love the South of France and you've made me quite homesick! I also LOVE your little paintings. Gorgeous!! Hugs, Silke

  14. what a wonderful amazing tour of Provence! I want to go there now. You are so lucky to be able to travel so much! I love the paintings too!

  15. OH wow Caroline, what a post! what a trip! cant get better then the South France. Oh how I miss my travel days! you are one hell of a fanstatic photographer. I love your pics...they are giving me so much inspiration to paint. Your poppies are just smashing! Love the paintings too! You are just too talented my friend! take care and I really enjoyed this post so much! I have a really soft spot in my heart for travelling and Europe! xoxo Lisa


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