20 August 2009

Weekword - Camping


I have never been a great camper - certainly not in Europe anyway. The mere thought of canvas and campsites sends a shiver down my spine! Add drizzle and damp to that too and you've got a mix for misery in my opinion! I wasn't a girl guide and fortunately my parents didn't rate camping holidays in Europe either, so my first real experience of 'proper' camping was much later, when I was married and living in Oman. We spent warm, dry weekend nights by the Arabian sea on silvery sand under twinkling stars ... magical!

Camping out in the garden on a sunny day however, is wonderful fun when you're very young! My children loved afternoons camping on the lawn in a rickety Indian Teepee made with garden canes draped with old sheets! And these photos from half a century ago show me clearly enjoying camping out in our garden with my big brother David and his friends (he's the one on his back in the top pic). This sort of camping is at its best with plenty of custard cream biccies (cookies) and your favourite story book or latest Beano comic!

This is my entry for 'Camping', the word chosen this week by Nicky Linzey for 'Weekword'. Each week a new word prompt encourages you to get creative and post drawings, photos, stories, poems, paintings or whatever you choose, to your blog. Definitely hop over to visit Nicky's blog which she fills with her lovely illustrations and photographs!

Have a nice weekend - hope the sun shines for you if you're camping!


  1. me neither, i hate camping, but love these black and whites...are they you as a child?

  2. What a treasure these old photos of you are! And your camping experience in Oman sounds so lovely and magical! :-)

  3. Now, that is wonderful! And that girl is so pretty.

    I love camping. I've camped everywhere. Once in Mt. makiling we were camping on a slope and in the middle of the night there was a downpour and we found ourselves on the base of the hill because of a mudslide - builds character and teaches you to cook with paper bags and leaves, tolerate weird people and KYBO (This was a term used at the First Asia-Pacific regional jamboree in 1973, meaning Keep Your Bowels Open). I met some Malaysian Girl Scouts/Guides there.

  4. Lovely post Caroline.
    I will participate too but wait until Sunday OK!
    I have responded to your email and confirmed on out meetup on Wednesday!

  5. i couldn't agree more with your take on camping! great photos!

  6. These are wonderful photos Caroline. Thanks for participating. Would you pick the weekword next and post it up on Monday?

  7. very happy to have find your blog through nicky! sweet photos:)

  8. Caroline I love this. I too am not a camper.


  9. Hi Caroline, glad you are doing the weekword. I came across it from Aimee but I believe it started here:
    Hope that gives you all the info you need.

  10. The pictures i sepia are really emotive. I can understand the Magic in Camping...have always loved it ;-)

  11. Your photos brought back childhood memories of 'camping' in the back garden, with old sheets hung over the washing line and walls made of wooden clotheshorses!!
    Regards, Anne (frayedattheedge)

  12. i used to love camping when i was young and now well i just love to be in a very nice hotel room !
    my boyfriend still tries to convince though to go to the sierra and plant a tent there for a couple of days...
    we'll see!
    Have a great week end Caroline !

    ps : ribbon shipped this morning :-)

  13. I love black/white photos...so this is just great :)))

  14. me neither- but your photo really reminded me of my childhood- garden camping all year around was the best thing ever! in summer they were light canvases span at the one side of the tree with the beautiful springflower, autum and spring the slight waterproof sheets or even a small real tent were brought out, in winter snowhuts were built and if it was realll pouring our bunkbed became a tentstructure!
    see you back on monday for the new word :)
    happy weekend

  15. i liked camping but haven't done it in years which tells me maybe i didn't really like it. i kayaked for the first time in years this week, however, and i really liked that. i was surprised my arms held out.

    oh caroline, about the word prompt: i have an idea. it's percolating.

    ps ready for a potluck? that's percolating too.


  16. beautiful pictures!! really magical :)

  17. I love the photos... so that little girl was you. looks so classical.

    camping in Oman must have been special. Like thousand and one night?


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