17 October 2009

A big long list of Thankyous!

I've received a super award some lovely ATCs (Artists Trading Cards) recently and want to thank everyone who has kindly sent them to me and share them with you!

Look at this lovely award from Ces. Many of you will already know Ces and I'm sure will agree with me when i say that I don't know how she finds the time to make all the amazing art she does whilst holding down a 'real' job and looking after her family - personally I reckon she has access to more than 24 hours a day!! Ces has so much time for her blogfriends, supporting them with her words and prolific art - you only have to visit her blog to see how busy and loved she is - you can read about the making of the Deborah award here. I am really honoured that she has included me in the roll of recipients. Thank you my friend!!

Next up are some lovely little ATCs from Soulbrush . Joss, thank you for these little gems - my favourite is the beautiful African head! Joss, too is very supportive of her fellow arty bloggers and if you don't already know her I hope you'll head over to her blog to see amongst others, posts with super African inspired art.

And here is the cutest little bunny that I received from Monica who is one of my all time favourite illustrators. I always enjoy visiting her blog - Monica's little characters are adorable! Bunny now has his home in my studio and is well loved! Thanks Monica, hope my ATCs to you have arrived by now!


  1. Dear Caroline---

    They're here!!! What a treat, to get your ATC AND a bonus gift: one of your delicate and beautiful folded butterfly made from Japanese paper! I'll take a picture today and post it on my blog to show everyone.
    I have to say, your ATC is just perfect for me. Did you know my husband and I love birds? :-)

    Many, many thanks again!

  2. What a cute bunny from Mônica - she creates the cutiest animals. You are lucky to have one at your home!

  3. Congrats Caroline for all the ATC and award, so much happening here!


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