28 October 2009

Giveaway Winner!!!!

Hello! Tia here! It's 'Giveaway Day' on her blog and she's got it into her head that if she lets me out of the bag and into the pot with all the names, I'll find a winner for this little birdie album she's made.

Hmm, personally I'd rather skip the pot and take the bird, but apparently that's not the done thing on blogs.. so here I go...

hold on while I shuffle the little papers ... and pick a winner . Drum roll please !


Ta Da!

So our lucky winner of the red bird folded album, is Margaret Ann of Water Blossoms!! Congrats Peg, little red bird will be flying in your direction very soon. I really hope you enjoy using it!

And, of course I want to say a really BIG THANK YOU ! to all of you who took part - your support means a lot to me!!


  1. Congrats to Margaret Ann on winning that wonderful album. Lucky girl. I love Tia picking the winner Caroline. She is such a sweetie. Everytime I see her I think how like my brother's Pixie she is. She is a sweetie too. All cats love bags, don't they? Ours can play for hours with one. Congrats with the shop too. I see you have had sales already.

  2. Lucky Margaret Ann! For a second I thought she had won the cat :-) but it looks like Tia is perfectly happy in the pot.

  3. awww, caroline, you and tia surely know how to make a drum roll from afar. i loved the tension leading up to the announcement.

    margaret ann does amazing art. congratulations to her.

    love love

  4. Congrats Margaret!
    She is truly blessed with your super beautiful gift!
    Caroline, I have a dedication for you, hope you will like it!

  5. OOOOH MY! I am soooooo thrilled I am shaking! Thanks Caroline...I promise only beautiful things will fill its pages...Hugs! :)

  6. Congrats to Margaret Ann. Such a pretty album and cute cute cat.

  7. What a cute post. Tell Tia she did a good thing.

  8. O-M-Goodness she is the cutest cat on the planet!!

    Yay Peg...lucky girl ;)

  9. Hahaha, the things Tia does your your blog, indeed! Congratulations, Margaret Ann! Lucky girl. :)


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