3 December 2009

Thankful Thursday!

First, I want to thank everyone who left me such wonderful comments on my last post, Oliver and the Apples! They made my day!! Thanks also go to Oliver, Debra Kay and kj for giving me the opportunity to paint that picture!

This week I've had a mail box full of goodies again - this time a surprise from Marianne in the Netherlands. Marianne makes the most beautiful Mandalas and I just love this greetings card she sent me which is hand embelished with sparkles - gorgeous! The little card below is so pretty too - a rainbow of blossoms and dragonflies - thank you so much Marianne!

For the last few days I've known that a package was on its way from Margaret in Arizona. I've been anxiously awaiting this one as Margaret sent one to me back in June which never arrived and we were both very sad about that:( Fortunately, this one landed safely yesterday and just look what was inside!

Five incredible little ATCs and a super printed cloth! Do click on the picture to view all the wonderful details. The coloured ones positively glow - it's a pity that this photo doesn't really do them justice. Margaret works wonders with pen and watercolour!

She also included two gorgeous cards (the one on the right is from one of her stunning paintings)
and the print at the bottom shows the beauties that went astray - sigh! Thank you so much Margaret - you are so talented and I feel very fortunate to own some original art by you! I love everything and am now completely hooked on ATCs!


  1. Oh my what a nightmare that Margarets mail got lost...... :(
    Lucky you this bunch of goodies arrived safely!Margarets work is stunning! Eye candy and so gorgeous!
    You deserved all those possitive remarks about Olivers painting, it was such an awesome painting! Wow once again.

  2. Oliver is such a handsome dude you captured him so well. What wonderful atcs and other goodies too.

  3. Lucky girl to receive such a load of beautiful goodies! I really like that parrot painting - a parrot with a princely little crown!

  4. Well you DID outdo yourself with Oliver!

    Marianne's work makes me gasp every time I get something from her. The precision of her mandalas is breathtaking!

    And Margaret amazes me how much detail she can fit into such a tiny space, and also how she keeps her ideas so fresh!

    Thanks for sharing. I hope the lost package shows up on a day you need a hug ;)

  5. What beautiful gifts and talented friends for a talented girl.

    You are amazing to Caroline.

    Love to you.

    Renee xoxoxo

  6. I have litterally been doing the "happy dance"" all day long!!! I am SOOOOOO delighted eveything made it through this go around! You have been so very patient in waiting...:) More hugs from the desert to you! :)

  7. oooh! These are super quality ATCs. Ugh! Lost in the mail. I hate that. Have a wonderful day Caroline.

  8. I've started calling Oliver "Your Royal HIghness" and he likes that very much. This morning as soon as the sky turned pink he was shouting "Puppy puppy puppy" which is what the breeder uses to call all her puppies. Poor Solo was just sitting in his crate looking very confused.....naughty Royal Highness.

  9. What a wonderful package of goodies! I love the dragonfly mandala and the scarab card. Just beautiful!

  10. You are truly blessed with great friends Caroline:)


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