29 January 2010

Stop Thief!

Me (Charlie)

Hello! It's Charlie here. Mum's busy so I thought I'd help her out by writing a news story for her blog.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

Just a couple of nights ago I was in the kitchen helping Mum to prepare dinner, when, ever alert, I began to feel there was someone else there in the kitchen with us....

Yep, lo and behold, there behind us, bold as brass, was a monkey sitting on the counter!! I mean ... how cheeky can you get? And, he was helping himself from a bowl of rice, if you please!!!!!

Well, cheeky monkey !!

Yikes!! I was speechless and Mum was shrieking and waving the spoon and stir-fry chicken all over the place! Whilst pondering how best to approach this situation, i.e. whether to eat the chicken or chase the monkey, he scarpered! Phew, that was a close shave! Don't tell anyone, but I get a bit nervous around Monkeys - believe me, it's definitely best to keep a low profile if you meet one! After all, they're bigger than me and fierce ... and I have it on good authority from the mutt next door, that if they get really annoyed with you, they throw their poo at you!! Eeuw!! No manners!

Well, fortunately, this one was more concerned with his prize, though he had the audacity to hang around for a while on the wall by the kitchen door, gloating! We had the last laugh though - that rice must have been less than tasty , as it was just out of the freezer and still frozen solid , MOL!!!!

Here I am hot in pursuit - of course, I gave him a 5 minute head start!


  1. ahhh what a great picture story!
    And you are such a sport giving him a 5 minute head start!
    You are my hero!


  2. Unbelieveable!!! A super story...:)

  3. Oh my Gosh. I would faint if a monkey came into my kitchen. Ha.. What a good cat you are to give that nasty monkey a head start. Serves him right.

  4. Oh my!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you gave him a head start. Monkeys could win the fight I think :P

    hahahaha, frozen rice! The joke's on him for sure ;)

  5. this is a story that is just amazing to me. A monkey in the kitchen!!! wowooo. Not in New England - NEVER

  6. Oh this is lovely, can imagine it gave you a fright though. The most exciting thing we've had is a mouse and you'd definitely have caught that Charlie!

  7. such a funny and cute post...
    what a sweetie cat you have !

  8. Monkey inthe kitchen1 A book1 I love the shot of him taking away the frozen rice like a snowball. So cute!

  9. Oh great story, your kitty was very brave, what a Hero!
    My house also had been invaded by monkey before.
    I chased him off without an assisitant of cat...that's the difference...He..He..

  10. HI Caroline, Oh wow thats quite a story! I just love the new orange cat Charlie? Did you just get him! Thansk for sharing this story and the great pics! Always exciting over at your blog!

  11. Love this story Caroline. What a brave Charlie. What an amazing thing to have happen in your kitchen and lucky you had the camera handy.

  12. Seriously!?!? A monkey?! Wow!! That's something else. When we first moved here to the south, I was expecting an alligator to join me in our kitchen, but never a monkey! You are a brave woman!!! Love, Silke
    P.S. Sending something off to you this week!! Finally!!

  13. Wow, a MONKEY??? I would be shrieking too, lol! The most I have to worry about here is Cloud's nemesis the squirrels!

    And I LOVE those pictures of Charlie - he is so cute!!!

  14. Good Charlie! I am scared of monkeys. When I was growing up our neighbor had several monkeys and they used to snatch our snacks, the monkeys, I mean.

  15. What a wonderful, entertaining story!

  16. This is too funny. gotta love where you live to have such adventures.


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