16 February 2010

We are not amused!

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Indeed - we are not amused!! Our laptop and the internet were struck by lightening last week and we are still not back to normal here. What's a cat to do without a warm keyboard? Anyway, Mum just wanted to send a BIG thankyou to all who have left her such super comments on her last two posts and to let you all know that we'll be back commenting and posting just as soon as it is possible! Thanks, Tia x


  1. Oh man! I mean Oh Cat!

    Isn't it awful when you can't get connected? yet when you have the ability to get connected you wonder whether you should really get disconnected.

    Oh well, that's what I think sometimes but maybe you don't. Hope you have your 'pyuter back soon. Oh will please ask your Mum if she wants to exchange large drawings with me? Not ATC, my pen drawing and her watercolor painting? Just ask her please. No rush, like anytime this year.


  2. Isn't that so aggravating anymore, when we can't connect on the internet and have a warm computer available?! Hit by lightening - that sounds scary! I hope everything else was ok, especially you and your mom!! Hope you get warm again soon... Love, Silke

  3. Awww, Tia. Darn Mother Nature!

    We'll wait for your mom patiently.
    Meanwhile, go chase some geckos!

  4. How frustrating - hope you're connected soon. It's a bit scary how reliant we are becoming on computers isn't it!

  5. no worries: gonna be waiting for caroline no matter what.

    i feel the frustration. my laptop and i are entwined, imbedded! i am soon vacationing in aruba and i am thinking, should i bring it? should i?

    caroline and cat: may mr or ms. repairperson or salesperson or computerguru person shine on you and light up those keys again. can't be living here or ther or on blogland lane without you.


  6. ahh .. we got hit once; it fried two mother boards and the insurance company was pleasantly helpful.

  7. What an adorable cat. I have always loved black & White cats.
    So sorry to hear about your computer. I hope you do get it up and going again soon.

  8. we finally got protection for surges like lightening but still when ever there is a storm we shut everything off if we are near. Sorry to hear about your computer- Guess we will have to access you through telepathy!

  9. Horror of horrors. I hope you are back soon.

  10. ACK! Well, THAT's frightening. I'm thankful there was no further damage, though not having your computer is a major poopie. My friend's house got struck by traveling lightening, and it blew out a huge picture window and made cracks in her foundation. I don't like lightening.

    Hope you're up and running soon!

  11. Oh, that's too bad! That happened to me once too (lost the stereo and the microwave)!

    I hope things go back to normal soon!

  12. How awful - we're so dependant on these darned things! Hope you're back to normal techieland soon - just wanted to say a quick thanks for the reciprocal following, I really appreciate it - and what a gorgeous feline!

  13. Oh no! Too cute your kitty! Hope you come back soon!

  14. Poor you Caroline. It is so hard to be without Internet access. We have come to depend on our computers so much for everything. I even go to Wikipedia when I have a word I don't know the meaning or spelling of. I hope no one was harmed in the lightening strike. Quite scary. My dad always used to tell us to turn off the electricity to the TV when there was lightening about.

    Tia is such a gorgeous kitty. I would love to kiss her silky head...haha.

  15. WOW! I had the same thing happen to me last year..it was aggravating. I hope you get back up and running very soon. I hope you are all well!

  16. What a great shot! Sorry to hear about the lightning bolt, but maybe it was a nice break ;). Be well.

  17. Very interesting
    I enjoyed visiting your blog
    God Bless;


  18. hello caroline, just swinging by to say hello and i miss you.

    see you soon!

  19. Hello Caroline,
    I guess it's quiet common in Malaysia.
    Whenever it rains, please remember to switch off the computer and internet connection. Best is to detach the whole socket off....
    It happened to me too last two years, it was a painful experience.

    I hope all are in order.
    Without internet is not the end of the world. Just to opt for alternatives. Sometimes, we need to have some really quiet time when without internet is the best!

    Take care, It's just temporary and I am looking forward for your next posting.

    Take your sweet time Caroline!


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