24 March 2010



Where, oh where is Charlie? Charlie has gone walkabout and hasn't been home since last Friday afternoon - we're very worried and have been mailing 'Missing Moggy' fliers in the neighbourhood - please send him home if you see him. Thank you.

This is Bob. He's missing Charlie! He's also missing one eye, but very handsome on his good side, don't you agree? We don't know how he lost the eye, as we adopted him from the local vet like this. As the empty socket tends to get infected frequently, it's been decided that it must now be sewn up, so he's going for surgery today. Poor Bob!

And this is Tia, who isn't missing Charlie and certainly won't be missing Bob, who bullies her. She misses her perch on this lovely old Mango tree in the garden - sadly it had to be cut down last year :(

Here's a centipede I spotted in the garden last week. I'm still wondering how I was brave enough to get close enough to photograph it! If you can bear to look, you might notice that it's missing something ..... it's headless!

Here's a watercolour painting of orchids I was working on a while back. It's missing quite a lot of detail at this stage. Actually, it ended up in the bin as it was a complete disaster! Ah well, you win some, you lose some!

And finally, I'm going to be missing all of you, my blogging friends, as I have to take time out next week for a little surgery. I'll be back as soon as I can!


  1. Hope Charlie turns up soon Caroline - these pets are such a worry but well worth it. Lovely pic of you, here's to a speedy recovery, we'll miss seeing your beautiful work!

  2. Oh no your cat is missing......
    I hope he comes back!
    I have been missing my cats in the past but they always turned up after a while....so I hope yours will too.
    Bob is indeed gorgeous. Great shot like this. So nice you gave him a home. Good luck on his surgery.

    And yours of course!!!!
    I couldnt find here on your blog what it is, but I hope it is nothing serious....................

    Take care!!!
    Have a nice day!

    (Nice pic of you!!!) ;)

  3. Good luck with your surgery - hope you recover quickly and come back soon...your cats will miss you. Perhaps Charlie is staying away because he knew you were off to surgery - sometimes animals know more than we give them credit for.

    Good luck

  4. Maybe Charlie heard all this talk about surgery and feared that it was he going under the knife. Best of luck with your surgery. I hope it is nothing serious. Do take care. Healing thoughts and prayers will be coming your way.

  5. Oh, dear Caroline, there seems to be much on your mind. I hope that Charlie finds his way back to you!! He's so handsome!! They are all such gorgeous cats!!!

    Loved that picture of the centipede - we used to see them sometime in New Mexico.

    And good luck with your surgery! I hope it's nothing serious, that you heal quickly and return to us. I'll miss you!!

    Much love, Silke

  6. Beautiful kitties, Caroline! I sure hope that Charlie gets himself home soon!

    Sending you lots of well wishes and healing energy for a quick recovery from your surgery!


  7. Poor Charlie. I hope he returns soon Caroline. What a worry for you just as you need to be thinking about your own health. Missing cats often return. We have had them come back after several weeks on the town. I hope Bob's eye is sorted out too but tell them both to leave poor Tia alone. She is the cutest of kitties.

    Best wishes for the outcome of your surgery and we look forward to your return to blogland...ohhh and that centipede is horrible. They used to scare the life out of me when I was a child.

  8. I like that Tia will not be missing her bullying brothers but that is very worrying . I hate not knowing, I imagine too much - none of it positive. You don't need any stress going into surgery! You need to be clear and well- They have some GREAT put you to sleep bliss out drugs these days- I had my gall bladder removed and it was like a holiday! Be well! Thinking about you...oh, and had I done your "trash bin" piece I would have thought I was genius!!! All about perspective, I guess.

  9. Oh, Golly! I do hope all your "missings" return. I'll be worried about Charlie as well. I won't let my cats out as I fear someone will take pity on them and take them in. Then I might never see them again. So hoping Charlie returns.
    Good luck with Bob, and also yourself. Take it easy and get lots of rest.

  10. Oh, Caroline, I hope your stay in the hospital is a good one and that everything works out well. Hopefully, Charlie will be waiting for you when you come home.

    Aww, too bad for the orchid that never was.

    And ACK! Are you sure it's the HEAD on that centipede that's missing? How can you tell??? ewww, shivers.

  11. Hello Caroline,

    Prayers are needed for you and your Charlie.
    Relax and everything will be fine Caroline. Let me know, I can visit you after your surgery.
    That's why friends are for.

    Yoon See

    I also love your sharing on your Penang trip. Luckily me to drop by to your blog. Really hope that have the time for trip.

  12. I will miss you Caroline.
    I am sure you will post very soon after your recovery. You can share your insights about your purposed driven life.

    You always look great, fit and pretty to me. From the day i see you, I know I have found one great friend. And you are simply one of the best. I always remember your smile and charming personality:)

    Take care and take a break.
    Come back with even more to share Caroline!

  13. Hello Caroline,

    Good luck with your surgery. I will be thinking of you. I pray for a quick recovery. What a pleasant surprise it would be for you to go home feeling well and finding Charlie there waiting for you.

    That centipede looks so shiny it almost looks plastic. Hehehe. We had those when I was a kid to. We called them "Talimbabagat". Get bitten by one of those and you feel lightning has struck you.

    Well, your discarded watercolor is way more beautiful that anything I can do.

    Good luck dear Caroline.

  14. Wow Caroline, so much on your plate right now! You have lovely kitties and it must feel like there's a big hole in your life with Charlie gone. I hope he turns up really soon. Much luck and prayers to you for your surgery and Bob's too.

    Sorry the orchid didn't work out!

    How did your centipede photo come out so clearly? I tried to take one of a grasshopper yesterday and it came out awful! Not sure if it's the camera or the photographer!

    Be well and take care of yourself for a speedy recovery!

  15. I hope your surgery is successful and you return in good health very soon. Charlie is beautiful, hope he turns up soon.

  16. dear caroline, will be thinking of you lots and wish you a speedy recovery. when you get home i hope to have made and sent your new card, and also hope your cat will be home safe and sound too.
    and yipppeeee hooray YOUR lovely card arrived today and i love it. and it is in perfect condition. yahoooo. thanks so much, and thinking of you dear friend.

  17. I was hoping to hear that Charlie came home :(
    I know your positive thoughts (and ours) will help guide him back.

    best wishes on your surgery. I'll be sending lots of healing vibes your way. I'm glad one of your daughters will be there ;)
    And don't forget about the pillow!

    Speedy recovery my friend.

    ♥ lolo ♥

  18. I hope Charlie comes back soon.
    Good luck with your surgery and I hope you have a quick recovery.

  19. did i not leave a comment already??

    well, as much as i am sad about charlie and enjoy seeing the centipede and tia and your art, may i respectfully say that i most love seeing you. this picture confirms you are both kind and beautiful.


  20. Just wondering how you are and if Kitty is back.........

    Take care!!!!

  21. Oh, Caroline, I hope Charlie comes back soon. Maybe he's back already to everyone's delight (okay, except Tia's).

    I also hope Bob is back from surgery and doing well.

    And finally, sending you many wishes for a speedy recovery. We hope to have you back soon, feeling 100%!

  22. Hello! I saw you this morning. Did you have your surgery already? I am thinking of you. Good luck.

  23. Hope Charlie turns up. I was relieved that it was adorable Tia that was missing. I am love with your tuxedo cat. I just love all cats but that one is my fav! Oh no sorry to hear that you have to have surgery...good luck and I wish a speedy recovery. Hope its okay and you are doing well. I cant believe you binned that watercolour. I loved it so far. the background was gorgeous!

  24. Oh just wanted to say that is a gorgeous pic of you!

  25. Goodness, we miss you. I hope you get well swiftly! And I hope your cat returns! I wanted to let you know that I've given you an award this morning. Whenever you receive this, just know that you are so deserving of the award. Take care!!

  26. Thinking of you and wishing you the best...♥xo

  27. Yikes that is a big centipede (without a head)! So sorry about Charlie, I do hope he comes back soon. Good wishes on the surgery, so you can get back and finish that beautiful watercolor!

  28. Caroline, this is my dedication to you.


    I hope you are resting now. Take care.
    Charlie is thinking of you too:)

  29. Hello Caroline,

    I am new to your blog and have spent some time browsing your archives this morning. WONDERFUL! What a delightful blog you have and your artwork is beautiful!

    I do hope that Charlie returns home safe and sound....and I wish Bob and you well on your surgeries. May you both make a full and fast recovery.

  30. Just a little note to let you know I am thinking of you!
    Hope you will be fully recovered soon and still hoping your Kitty returns


  31. Hi Caroline
    Hope you are recovering well and will soon be back here!

  32. still missing? Sending well wishes off in your general direction1 LOVE

  33. Good luck, feel better, and I hope you find your cat!

    Come visit me.



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