10 March 2010


Here are some more photos from the trip to Australia at Christmas.

Sydney Opera House from the water.

Notice that vapour trail?

Here's what the plane spelled out ! Party at Bondi Beach on New Year's Eve!!

View of Sydney from the ferry across to Manley.

Oz surf!

Our daughter Julie lives north of Sydney in Dee Why, within walking distance of this beach. It was summer in Australia but believe me this water was COLD!!!!. Lovely long walks to be had on the beach though!

Actually the weather during our stay wasn't great! We took a trip up to the Blue Mountains in the pouring rain.
We didn't see much!!

Bedgraggled daughter!

We should have seen The Three Sisters - the highlight of the trip ....

3 sisters on a good day
Photo from http://www.bluemts.com.au

The Aboriginal dream-time legend has it that three sisters, 'Meehni', 'Wimlah' and Gunnedoo' lived in the Jamison Valley as members of the Katoomba tribe. These beautiful young ladies had fallen in love with three brothers from the Nepean tribe, yet tribal law forbade them to marry. The brothers were not happy to accept this law and so decided to use force to capture the three sisters causing a major tribal battle. As the lives of the three sisters were seriously in danger, a witchdoctor from the Katoomba tribe took it upon himself to turn the three sisters into stone to protect them from any harm. While he had intended to reverse the spell when the battle was over, the witchdoctor himself was killed. As only he could reverse the spell to return the ladies to their former beauty, the sisters remain in their magnificent rock formation as a reminder of this battle for generations to come.

Ah well, we'll just have to go back another year!

Next stop was the Hunter Valley - wine growing territory. We enjoyed a couple of days here sampling lots of different wines - YUM!!

Elegant bottles with unusual labels made of metal.


And finally, on the way back to Malaysia we overnighted again in Macau and wandered around the old town the next day.

And resisted the temptation to buy more painted boxes - I already have several which I bought in Hong Kong when we lived there!

I spotted these Chinese zodiac animals on a casino ceiling!

And hundreds of tulips were blooming - beautiful!


  1. What a delightful trip. I don't know how you could resist those painted boxes. You will must be made of iron. You will no doubt be back to see that precious daughter so you will get to see the Sisters. What an interesting story.

  2. what a fabulous photo tour! I have always dreamed of going to Australia! Thanks so much for such a well guided tour!

  3. Oh, my goodness, you make me want to pack my bags and travel RIGHT NOW! Australia looked wonderful, but it's your pictures of Macau that spoke to my heart! Wonderful!! Thinking of you today!! Much love, Silke

  4. Thanks for your kind comment Caroline. These photos are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Don't know how I missed your fox, very cool illo! Enjoy the rest of your week - Susan

  5. Oh my, such gorgeous photos caroline! Even the foggy ones intrigued me and I've had enough fog to last a lifetime :)

    I love the 3 sisters story. Nice to see your hubby in a photo too!

    Your daughter is adorable. I can see her dad in her, esp side by side.

    I feel like I just traveled! Thank you ;)

  6. Loved the trip! Wonderful sights, beautiful daughter, awesome photos, thanks so much.

    I mailed your post card off today.
    wonder how many days it will take to reach you. Guy at the post office liked it. LOL

  7. we were in sydney 2 years ago for our son's wedding.... and it rained for 2 weeks non stop.

  8. Hi Caroline! Catching up on your blog... I'm so glad you got your computer problems taken care of so you can post your gorgeous travel photos and artwork. You've been busy!

  9. Wow what a wonderful trip this has been!!!
    I was in Australia sooo many years ago. Loved it.
    Like that story about the 3 sisters and those wine labels .
    Thanks for taking me along!

    Have a nice weekend!

  10. Great pics of Sydney! We moved from Narrabeen ( just s little north of Dee why) last year! Too bad about the weather. It's nice now.... Hope you enjoyed spending tine with your daughter. I love your water colour technique idea too!!

  11. Jeepers, I just love it when you post vacation photos! It's the best way to sightsee, especially when you're bedridden as I am right now. And your daughter is beYOOOOOtiful. I wish I looked that great when I'm bedraggled. :D

  12. Wow, so many wonderful photos Caroline. You must have had a fabulous time.


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