21 August 2010

Illustration Friday - Atmosphere

Water media on gessoed mountboard © Caroline Soer 2010

'The moon has stepped back like an artist gazing amazed at a work
That points at him amazed'.

From The Moon and Little Frieda by Ted Hughes

I combined this week's Illustration Friday word 'atmosphere' with last week's 'star gazing'. I chose this line of poetry by Ted Hughes from ' The Moon and Little Frieda' in which Hughes vividly evokes the atmosphere of the English countryside.

Full Moon and Little Frieda

A cool small evening shrunk to a dog bark and the clank of a bucket –

And you listening.
A spider’s web, tense for the dew’s touch.
A pail lifted, still and brimming – mirror
To tempt a first star to a tremor.

Cows are going home in the lane there, looping the hedges with their warm wreaths of breath –
A dark river of blood, many boulders,
Balancing unspilled milk.

“Moon!” you cry suddenly, “Moon! Moon!”

The moon has stepped back like an artist gazing amazed at a work
That points at him amazed.

--Ted Hughes, from Wodwo (1967)


  1. really sweet :)

  2. This is so wonderful Caroline. Love the atmosphere/star gazing combo and the story you chose to illustrate. Very wonderful work!

  3. Gorgeous that is one bright full moon night!

  4. Love the hare Caroline. You have used such lovely colours for the illustration.

    I hope you are feeling much better now.

  5. Oh this is SO wonderful! I feel very protective, very warm, very much in love with this piece- Awww, LOVE IT!

  6. The blue and yellow is gorgeous together. I really like the line work and texture too!

  7. I love it, particularly the blue moonlight on the fields. Beautiful.

  8. magical and sweet piece! I adore it. You are one of my favorite artists ;)

    And now I have to add this poem to my faves as well. Just lovely! So full of images.


  9. your piece is very lovely, the colors and texture are wonderful too.

  10. Gorgeous! Love the colors combination and textures, great technique!

  11. The moonlight is breathtaking- very well done!

  12. What a perfect painting for atmosphere!
    So sweet the rabbit with the moon.....awesome art as always dear!

    have a nice day!!

  13. Hello, Caroline, Beautiful watercolor. You know very well what colors you put into your work, the exact colors eh?

  14. Oh caroline, you are one of my few my all-time favorite watercolor artists and your style is so different from everyone else. How do you do that. Of course I am not asking you to tell me, I mean, you are fabulous, that's what I mean. I came here all eloquent and was going to tell you about a 10-pound rock I hauled from South Dakota but after seeing your painting, I go ga-ga!!! I love your work! I love your work!

  15. The poem really sets the mood for your painting. The rabbit looks so amazed, like it is seeing the moon for the first time.

  16. I love this little rabbit ! and the atmosphere is so sweet and comforting...

    ps : thank you so much for your lovely comment on the roof terrace and of course you're invited any time for a mint tea party !

  17. Very nice feel to this work. Love the textures!

  18. Sorry to be late here, I am catching up with thing.
    I just love the way you made the night come to live. Very beautiful!

  19. Truly beautiful Caroline, it looks a magical night.

  20. caroline, where do you take me with this illustration, with that moon? i am a child again looking at this, honest to god. i can see myself in my bedroom looking at this, entering into this magical moonlight scene. you are too much!!

    i didn't even really read the accompanying story. it was enough to just stare....

    :) & ♥

  21. I always love the look prepping a board or canvas has with the texture...nice and great lighting effect.

  22. This is so so so so beautiful. I LOVE these colors, and the wonderful texture underneath them. This is luminous. Wow.

  23. Thank you for commenting. It brought me here again to see the delightful illustration.

  24. ..awesome!! refreshing colors..great atmosphere..

  25. What a beautiful piece, Caroline! I love how you've painted the hare and that amazingly brilliant full moon. The gessoed texture adds a lot of richness to it for me. Wonderful!!


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