8 December 2010

Illustration Friday

watercolour ©carolinesoer2010

This week the Illustration Friday word is Prehistoric. Here is a trio of friendly dinos I painted in watercolour. You can find similar little characters in my Etsy shop where they are featured in my children's name pictures. I'm just starting to restock the shelves of the shop after a long absence!


  1. These are the cutest Dinos I have ever seen...such wonderful expressions on their faces!

  2. awww, these are so cute! What a wonderful illo, and such colorfull dinos.

  3. I'd love to have been around in prehistoric times to see these!

  4. i want to wear and share these very smiles for the next two weeks.

    you inspire me to do that, ms. caroline ♥

  5. Do they sing and dance too? If so, I need to hire these guys for my next party!


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