22 December 2010

Season's Greetings

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2011. Thanks so much for visiting me here and taking time to comment, I really do appreciate your support!


  1. What nice birds...they are really cute! Merry Xmas and all the best for 2011!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I've been remiss on checking blogs this week (kids are here!) but I've just read through several of yours. Love your Christmas style and the little accordian books. Beautiful!

  3. And me yours! ;-))♥
    Your birds on the card are so sweet and so well done.
    Happy Holidays!!! Enjoy, enjoy!

  4. Wow, Caroline..your illustrations are amazing..these beauties are so sweet! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year's ahead. Thank you so much for your kind visits this year - it has been wonderful getting to know you! Can't wait to see your sketchbook in person when it travels to SF!!

  5. Such a sweet card to us. Thank you for all your encouragement and the beautiful art you share with us. Merry Christmas.

  6. Merry Christmas to you Caroline. I love all your decorations from your previous posts and these little birds are so pretty. After the holidays are over I'll be back on track in blogland. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  7. Beautiful, Caroline, I love the little scarves and hats!

    Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2011!

  8. Oh, how darling! I'm sure they are just about to break out in song, too. Perhaps a little soft shoe, as well. :)

    Merry, merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family. I hope your days are filled with love and joy and blessings! Thank you for a year of beauty and inspiration!

  9. Ahhhhhh...sweet, sweet, sweet. I love this Christmas card. A Very Merry Christmas to you too...and all the best in the coming New Year!

  10. My dearest Caroline, Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family. Thank you very much for sharing with us your beautiful art, your encouragement, your inspiration and your generosity. You are an inspiration. Have a blessed New year! Tsup! Tsup!!!

  11. Hi Caroline,

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful illustrations with us. The birds are pretty and adorable!

    I really inspired by your positiveness and you are one of the humblest friends that I meet so far.

    Yeah you did tell me before you concept of making friend. I really agree with you Caroline.

    Thanks for thinking of me too!
    I am so glad our friendship is getting stronger each day!

    How I miss your other posts.
    Look like you have fun with the Christmas deco, the chosen ornaments are so unique!
    I feel like want to visit you for Christmas next year!
    Am I welcome???

    You baked too Caroline! Me too, but now i have to eliminate egg first!

    I understand your business but you make your point to do all the things you love so organised and bits by bits.

    I am into it too!

    I painted a few birds too but never show in my blog yet....
    I would like to continue on with drawing birds!

    Will write to you again!
    Thanks for being there and willing to be my friend!

  12. Love the owl headers!

    I also did some owl paintings lately!!!

    We all just love owl...He..He..

  13. merry christmas caroline.

    it's going to be an awesome and wonderful year ahead!!!

    love always

  14. Chirp, chirp! Wishing you and your family a chirpy 2011!

  15. Cute birds with matching cap and scarf. Beautiful.

  16. Merry Christmas and More Colorful New Year to you Caroline! Wish to see more of your watercolor paintings next year!;)

  17. Hee hee, so adorable these wee boids are!!!

    Caroline, thanks so much for all your support! Wishing you the best and happiest New Year ever!!!!!


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