29 April 2011

More monkey business

It's a pleasant Sunday afternoon in the garden...

But ever get the idea you're being watched?

On the other side of the fence....

Troops arrive

oops - a couple are distracted...

but some are checking out the possibilities

for lunch...

Frangipani trees bite the dust...again :(


  1. Unbelieveable how bold they are...would they also come in there if you had a few BIG dogs or that doesn´t phase them either I guess.

  2. Pesky little buggers but so cute and packed with boldness and personality. That said...I would be so upset for the frangipani trees too. :( I guess they don't scare easy either?

  3. How do you live with all these monkeys around?? This would drive me nuts! We have lots of squirrels but they are not that big and certainly not that destructive!

  4. Oh no! My goodness, I had no ideas they completely decimate trees like that! Since they are so quick and agile and strong, it's not like you can run out there and shoo them away. Dreadful!

    Poor trees.

  5. My mother has a frangipani tree—inside....perhaps that's your last resort? That or a slingshot with some rocks!

  6. Cheeky! I think that if I saw one of them looking back at me I might get the willies. Little hairy people!

  7. Oh no! And I thought slugs were bad!

  8. Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!
    Those monkeys look cute but I bet they can be a nuisance...... ;(

    Poor frangipani trees.

    have a nice monkey free weekend!

  9. oh your poor tree!!! I didn't know that they do that to trees....wow!!!! your garden and yard is gorgeous!!! I can see why they love to hang around!!!!

  10. i can't imagine, caroline. wowwowwow. do they ignore your efforts to shoo them away? what if you throw a shoe at them?

    with love

  11. Sounds to me like these guys need to be relocated. They must not have enough food in this area.

  12. Wow, that is terrible damage Caroline. You must be really upset about it. What a shame. Pesky little rascals. I hope you don't let them anywhere near your studio.

  13. Great photos and post, so sorry about your poor tree though!


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