1 August 2011

Art in Action

Hello! I hope you're all having a good Summer!

I'm back from my travels in Holland and the length and breadth of England and Wales and can hardly believe it's been nearly two months since I last posted something here! I've had a wonderful summer in Europe and have many hundreds of photos to sort through and lots of stuff to share!

I thought I'd kick off with a lovely day out I had just before flying back to KL last week at the Art in Action event! This is a wonderful 4-day art extravaganza at Waterperry House near Oxford, where hundreds of artists display their work, demonstrate and talk to the public about their techniques. There are classes, lectures and displays and a market brimful of exciting handcrafted wares to buy! I spent my day there drinking in the atmosphere, revelling in all the wonderful pieces on show and meeting and chatting with some very inspiring artists.

Some of you may already know Sue Brown through her blog Sue Brown Printmaker. It was so nice to meet the lovely Sue in person and to see her splendid prints. Sue was exhibiting alongside other artists in the Nature in Art area. Read more about Nature in Art, which is the world’s first museum dedicated to art inspired by nature, where 70 artists each year work in residence, here.

Sue had an abundance of delightful bird pictures on display.

click to enlarge any of the photos

She is an expert collograph maker and whilst she chatted about her work, I was able to browse through her fascinating sketchbooks.

Sue runs workshops in printmaking - will have to take one of these! Contact her details of upcoming courses.

click to enlarge

I also spent a while in the Printmaking marquee with Susan Erskine-Jones who is another artist happy to divulge many of the tricks of her trade. Here she was describing how to use a solar plate to achieve a similar effect to etching but without the hazards involved with that traditional technique! I'd like to take one of her workshops too - more details on her site here.

Sarah Morpeth crafts unique books and works of art from paper. Just take a look at the incredibly detailed cutwork which Sarah carries out on cartridge paper with a surgical blade! Magical!

I'm fascinated by all things paper and was thrilled to see her exquisite bird and butterfly books, hanging ornaments, pictures and sculptures on display.

Do visit Sarah's website to view more of her work - she also runs a course on making books from her studio - details on her site!

The textiles marquee was another joy to behold!

So many beautiful creations there, including these pretties by Anne Selby created with Arashi Shibori pleating, handpainting and screenprinting.

These stunning accessories by designer maker Tammy Child really caught my eye! Tammy's booth in the Market was awash with sumptuous fabrics in a myriad of jewel colours! If you visit her website you'll find fabulous creations for special occasions guaranteed to make you drool. Be warned, you'll find them hard to resist!

Click to enlarge

Of course, one place I just had to visit was the Illustration marquee! Here I met Jackie Morris. I'm sure many of you will have seen her wonderful book illustrations and/or made acquaintance with her blog or perhaps kept up with the antics of her felines at http://www.wethreecats.blogspot.com/( Jackie admits their blog receives 4 times more hits than her own!!). I watched whilst Jackie applied gold leaf to a very large painting of kingfishers. Many of her artworks incorporate a gold background and are truly sumptious for it!

That's all for now - hope you enjoyed this part of the tour! I'll be back with Part II later!


  1. Wow! These are really wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
    I especially enjoyed Sarah Morpeth's work. How intricate and beautiful is this work. I am skipping over to look at her blog right now.
    Glad you had such a fun and educational summer.Welcome back.

  2. Wow, they are all awesome. I'll have to come back when I have more time to click on all the links. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Color me green with envy!! Wow, to have spent two months traveling and then to cap it off with this immersion into art—wow!

    Thanks for sharing...I have link to go explore!

  4. What an incredible - delicious post! Thank you for this! I could spend all day here...Welcome home!

  5. oh my - the talent out there! what fun to go to that show. I love the bird lady's stuff...gonna go click there right now

  6. What a lovely post for me to stumble upon! I popped over here from Kate's Corner and didn't want to leave without saying hello! I hope you'll stop by and do the same! What a beautiful adventure you've had.


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