22 August 2011

A little trip to Delft

Delft montage - click to explore

View of Delft - Johannes Vermeer

I've visited Delft many times over the years - it's a lovely old city steeped in history. It has beautiful buildings, canals, a good market, many cafes and lots of interesting little shops to explore! Vermeer, one of my favourite Dutch painters, lived and worked here in the 1600's and it's also home to Delftware - blue and white pottery.

As regular passengers on KLM we've collected a streetful of these decorative little blue and white pottery houses - they're filled with Dutch Genever (or Jenever)- a spirit distilled from juniper.

I've just finished reading Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier - a story set in Delft, about the girl in the beautiful painting of the same name by Vermeer - lovely book!

Ranunculous Watercolour ©Caroline Soer

I painted these Ranunculous flowers in a delft blue vase some years ago.

And finally, here are some sunny Marigolds and sky blue Plumbago from my garden, arranged in a delft blue vase to complete my little Dutch post!


  1. When I started reading this I wondered if you collected any of the Delft ware. The houses are perfect. Is the spirit a gin? Looks like a beautiful place.

  2. caroline, so many things to love about this post but i was stopped in my tracks by your watercolor. you are SO GOOD, caroline. your paintings take my breath away!

    i couldn't help thinking i hope you meet marianne one day. you two might keep an eye out for one another.


  3. Oh my- Your artistic talent just blows me away! What a lovely painting- It's perfect! There are a lot of dutch living here- they have a small town of their own just north of here- Loads of blue and white Delft stuff everywhere- I am a bit tired of it- it is so predictable and ubiquitous.
    Your vase with flowers renews my appreciation, however- fresh eyes- so gorgeous! Thank you for that!

  4. Oh my goodness—what a wonderful trip to Delft! LOVED your sweet little houses of blue and the painting is outstanding! I've enjoyed these brief glimpses into your trip so much!

  5. So gorgeous blooms!
    I love this painting so well Caroline!
    Of the fine art quality paint splashes on the branches and little blooms to its vase!

    My adoration to your spectacular art teachniques of rendering many many beautiful pieces.

    I hope to meet you up to discuss our admiration on blooms!

    You make a double rainbow of my day. Thanks Caroline!


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