27 September 2011

Illustration Friday - Ferocious

'Wallow'  ©Caroline Soer 2009

Perhaps not the first animal that springs to mind when you think of the word 'ferocious',  but actually, the Hippo is apparently one of the most aggressive and dangerous animals in Africa.  Therefore, I present my Hippo watercolour (for a second airing) for this week's Illustration Friday prompt.


  1. I love your hippo...and so true...they are ferocious. They have no qualms about coming towards your boat...at all!

  2. That is just gorgeous, Caroline! It always amazed me how dangerous this round and soft-looking creature is... Hope you are doing well!! Hugs, Silke

  3. Gosh, Caroline! This looks like a photograph! And yes, they are ferocious!

  4. Beautifully illustrated. I admit I wouldn't want to be too near one however lovely!

  5. They are so large they look ferocious except when you see a picture of a mother and baby floating peacefully in the water.

  6. I would advise against petting or hand feeding one.
    Lovely watercolor!

  7. my god, my god caroline. what you do with those watercolor brushes is nothing short of heavenly.

    you are amazing. I LOVE THIS!!

    i didn't know hippos were so aggressive. once at a zoo i reached in an dtouched a hippo's huge tooth: little did i know!

    please dear god, let me watch caroline paint some day....


  8. Oh WOW What a fabulous painting! You flatter the hippo- If I ever want my portrait done I will be asking YOU to do it! This is Awesome!

  9. Really beautiful painting love the subtle changes in colour, particularly the pinky tones on the hippo.

  10. Wow! I'm so glad you brought this big guy back because I don't remember seeing him. He's wonderful! I love the Payne's Grey choice (I think??) It's one of my favorite go to colors, especially for shadows.
    I hope you're well!


  11. You are absolutely correct- hippos are responsible for more human deaths in Africa than even the mighty lions.
    This rendition is fantabulistically delicious!! That's all I can say!

  12. For me it is the first time!
    Perfect for the prompt!
    And what a stunning watercolor!

    have a nice day and HAW♥

  13. Caroline your work is delightful! You've captured that hippo perfectly!

  14. It looks so great! Love how you did the water.

  15. Wow! I seen this befor but it's great to revisit it again!

    I love your new hearder too!
    So adorable the theme cuties, just made me smile!

  16. Woooohooooo! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Love those deep colors. I think hippos are fun to watch. From afar. :)


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