20 February 2012

threaded comments

It seems I am not alone in thinking it would be nice to be able to reply directly to comments on my blog and I was grateful to Silke  for pointing out that this is indeed possible!  So, I have today enabled the feature and will try engaging with my readers through threaded commenting !  If you leave a comment I will try to reply there directly at the post,  and if you like, you can subscribe to a thread to keep track of a conversation - let's see how it goes!


  1. Well, hello caroline :-) what shall we talk about? :-)

    I added the feature too, no back and forth dialogue (yet) but it's more enticing to comment back. Actually I usually do anyhow just because :-)

    Lots of :-) 's tonight. And a ♥ to you too :-)


    1. Hi KJ - yes, I'd noticed the feature on your blog but didn't know how to get it on mine at that point! I've never managed to get my act together enough to reply to comments on my blog so hopefully now I'll be a bit more sociable from now on!!

  2. It will be interesting to see how your experiment works out! I can never decide, myself. Usually I end up answering questions or maybe saying thank you periodically but not after every comment. I have seen some blogs where people answer every single comment, which seems quite time consuming!

    Also, if the comment was short and I'm just saying "thank you!" a million times, sometimes I'll just wait for a few then thank several folks at once. Most of my comments come from Illustration Friday and I don't know that many of them come back to check. But some probably do. I know that I often go back to check comments I've left... but not always! Aaaaah, too many decisions. :D

    1. Hi Cindy - yes we'll see how it goes - not sure I'll have the time to do this but will try for a while!

  3. Thanks for the insight - I've thought of that often. I have one frequent reader who doesn't have an email address in her profile so I've never been able to reply to her. This way I can....I think. I'll have to give it a try.


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