8 January 2009

Naughty Monkeys

Oh my! Look what greeted us when we got home from a shopping trip yesterday (click for a closer view)! A Frangipane tree destroyed and a mother with baby consuming the spoils on our bedroom balcony. I only managed to get one pic of them before she spotted me and bounded off into the safety of the neighbours' garden. Very sad about the tree - out of 5 or 6 in the garden only a couple haven't been completely stripped of their leaves.


  1. well,I even don´t know what to say:sory for the tree..but you are soooo lucky to have all this ''naughty''creatures around!!Actually what can be more funny than that?
    Thanks for this short illustrated naughty history and good week-end!

  2. Yes, it's so interesting having all this wildlife around - quite a challenge to get a decent photo of them though - the monkeys in particular are very shy and move really fast - many of my photos are just big blurs!


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