27 February 2009


We visited the lovely Orchid and Hibiscus Gardens on Sunday and picked up some beautiful plants. Aren't these gorgeous!! You can view more photos of the gardens at my Flickr site.

And these are little Orchid babies!! They are growing in Agar in their nursery bottles which are sterile and airtight. Later I will need to pot them up. I've got an instruction sheet from the orchid grower and also did a bit of research on it on the web. Wait for this ... it can take anywhere from 2 - 10 years for them to flower!!!! You obviously need a bit of patience for this hobby then! I will keep you informed on their progress.


  1. Lovely your photos, Caroline!
    I hope you'll upload those baby orchids when they will be grown!! Good succes for it! ;-)
    I recomend you this blog, I'm sure you'll love it:

  2. Congrats on winning the pigeon envelope. Good going. You are a very good photographer.

  3. What timing! I am trying to do a drawing that includes phalaenopsis blooms, and I was looking for some good photographs. Viola! These are gorgeous pictures. I love orchids, but I don't have much luck with them. Those orchid babies look very happy in their little glass house. :)

  4. gorgeous photos of the orchid flowers!

  5. Hi Caroline, I just love orchids...your orchids are gorgeous! Love these beautiful pics. There is something so soothing abour Orchids. I think they one of my fav flowers. I remember when I lived in Asia, I had so many of them, and they would always flower. I have a few here in Canada. only 1 had flowered. Have a great day!

  6. I am very impressed Caroline. Orchids are not easy to grow successfully, but they are stunning to look at. Your photographs are excellent.


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