29 August 2009

Anniversary Giveaway!

Ahem, Tia here - I've an announcement to make! My Mum has been blogging for one whole year today!

She's made me put on a party hat again - you can see how pleased I am!

Anyway, I'm glad she's been blogging as it means that I have ample opportunity to control the desk and keyboard and generally be obstructive, as a cat does (after all, there's just so much open portfolio sitting and modeling for her illustrations one can do) . Well, enough of that - She Who Blogs tells me that she'd like to thank each and every one of you lovely people for taking the time to visit her blog and leave us such encouraging comments! I've enjoyed meeting so many different people - all with so much talent - your blogs are so entertaining and inspirational - that includes you doggies out there (you know who you are Cloud)!

So ... drumroll .. to celebrate our anniversary she's made a cherry cheese cake (yum, my favourite) which she's taking over to Blogland Lane later today. In the meantime, I've taken care of that pesky mouse AND she's decided to have her first giveaway.. see below.

A print (sized 21 cm x 14.75 cm [more or less], printed on archival art paper on my (I like to keep it warm) Epson R1900 printer) of her 'Cherries' watercolour. So, anyone who'd like a chance to win this has just to leave me (or her, if you really must) a comment (deadline next Friday 4th September) and I'll pop your name into the draw when I get down from the tree. Thank you, Tia (and her) xx

P.S. She asked what I'd like to contribute, but having already consumed the rodent (quite delicious, by the way!) I could probably manage to dig up half a juicy gekko from yesterday evening's pillaging, or maybe a fat cockroach if you prefer more crunch .. let me know?


  1. Caroline, thanks for the tips on "word'..I will try to get a list together if everyone complies- LOVE the cherries! The kitty is so handsome all dressed up for lizard dinner! At first I thought "Great, she is giving this kitty away!"...as if..

  2. Caroline, hello dear! It's an old drawing of mine that I gave a new spin just so I can keep in touch with my favorite bloggers.

    Yum, the cherries! The cherries, they look so real. I love cherries. Oh my gosh! Your work is absolutely beautiful! The cheesecake is so yummy.


  3. I love the cherries Caroline.


  4. WooHoo!!!Congrats on your first blogiversary...You bring such rich experiences to us all!

  5. love to get my hands on that print:)

  6. Dear Tia,

    Please tell your mom that I'd love to be considered for the giveaway. I have to admit, at first I thought YOU were to be given away - what a stellar prize you would make! But I am glad she's keeping you and giving away the print instead. Thanks for offering a cockroach, but we've got plenty here ourselves. You enjoy! :) Silke

  7. what a delightful post C. you should start a kittie thursday post...tee hee like doggie thursday. xxx

  8. Hmmm, do cats like cheesecake ??? Not sure... ours don't anyway. Speaking of cheesecake, just discovered there is a Ben & Jerry's flavor : Chocolate Cheesecake. Was surprised to find it in a store in France ! And the other folks around the house here don't seem to like it, so that means I get to finish the whole thing... yum ! I need to get over to Blogland Lane too, I've been out of town for a while...

    Happy first blog birthday...

  9. Tia, you're looking stunning as always! You match my post today ;)

    Caroline, happy Blogaversary!! We're all richer for having your art to savor!

    yes please, you can add my name to the hat ;)

  10. hi caroline, have you eaten enough today? gotta love those potlucks!

    congratulations on your one year of posting. the pleasure is mine. your blog is uplifting and creative.

    add my name to the cheery cherries. who could resist?


  11. Sweet, sweet little cherries....and a sweet, sweet little kitty! Such a cutie!

  12. so you're sleeping it off?

    so am i: i shouldn't have snuck that second piece of cherry cheesecake.

    now that i know the full extent of your nomadic ways, i am compelled to come back and read through your back posts. join me for coffee, will you, caroline. i have a feeling i could listen to you for hours.


  13. I'll pass on the roaches but please count me in for the cherry print draw. Congrats on one year's blogging Caroline.

  14. WOW! Lovely post as always and Tia is quite the looker! She and Tar would make a cute couple... He is is beautiful condition and very handsome indeed. Tia is darling :) I love your mouse image and your cherries! YOu are multitalented my friend.

  15. Congratulations on your one year anniversary Caroline. I love to read your blog and see your beautiful illustrations.

  16. Congratulations on the Anniversary. This is my first visit but won't be my last. Your paintings and yur cat are charming.

  17. Tia, you are the cutest black and white cat I've ever seen! And thanks for mentioning Clouds blog, I'm glad you enjoy it! :-)

    Congrats on your anniversary (or is that, blogiversary???) I'm so glad you started blogging because your blog is a joy to read!

    Love the cherries! :-)
    Kathleen and Cloud

  18. Congrats to you beloved Caroline, your blog celebrate 1st anniversary too, just after 1 day of mine...
    He..He..What a coinicident!
    Continue your good effort, I love all your postings!

  19. Yes, I was too excited to comment.
    I read carefully the second time and come back.
    Wow! A giveaway...He..he..
    I love cherry.
    I have a friend called cherry blossom girl.
    I create a girl called cherry blossom girl.
    I will draw you a drawing in order to celebrate your blooging anniversary.
    Caroline, please wait OK!

  20. Yummy cherries!!!

    Your photographs are stunning Caroline!

  21. Hello, Tia (and Caroline!)

    What a lovely way to celebrate an anniversary! I love the cherries watercolor, and I have to say, Tia, you look gorgeous on those pictures. :-)

    So, yes, I'd love to participate on this giveaway. I am one of your many, many admirers!

  22. Congratulations on the anniversary. I'm glad I've found your blog.
    (And Tia, you are lovely :)).
    The cherries look so yummy, please count me in your giveaway.
    And if you'd like to check out mine, you're very welcome. It's here. Tia might like it, actually ;)

  23. congrats on your anniversary! Love the cat as well...I have four myself! The cherries print is so cute, perfect for my kitchen above the fruit bowl. have a wonderful week.

  24. Congratulations on one year! It does not seem so long? maybe we met half way though... Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!

  25. caroline, yes to 'save as.' sometimes the electrical gods play games with me. it's actually true. how many times a light bulb pops as i pass by! anyway, i think i got it finally.

    hey, several new neighbors showed up this weekend. :)


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