16 August 2009


Do you remember this? Its one of two glass jars full of baby orchids that I bought from the Orchid Gardens in KL back in February. You can read about them and see more of my orchids here.

Last week I thought it was time to release them!

So, I began by gently easing the plantlets out through the neck of the jar and then washed off the agar that had been their food for the last months.

Sorting. That took a while and in the end it was a case of the survival of the fittest , as there were so many babies and only 20 pots.

Ready with soft Sphagnum Moss.

All planted up

and outside in their nursery for the first time. Hope they do well!

I'm going to have quite a wait though till the plants produce anything like these beauties. It could take from two to ten years before I see any blooms! I'll keep you posted on their progress.


  1. oh my gooness, what a fantastically patient person you are and what an amazing hobby. wow.

  2. hi caroline, i will like getting to know you here and on blogland lane. your visitors and friends include so many of my favorite bloggers, including ms. soulbrush here.

    i'll be back to linger before this vacation of mine comes to an end!


  3. How wonderful! I admire your patience! I get impatient if I have to wait even one year to something bloom or carry fruit... ;) Silke

  4. Wow, up to 10 years to bloom! They are so beautiful though, it would be worth the wait. :-)

  5. Now there's an exerise in patience! I'm impressed.

  6. hello caroline, i'm back and just finished my gardening lesson. you taught that very well! i love it when i take the time to plant seedlings.

    okay, i'm off for some of your previous posts.


  7. Thanks for sharing Caroline.
    I am so proud of you.
    Now, you have so many babies and I am waiting for your grandbabies.

    Any flowers are fascinating but I also have a particular interest in Orchids.
    To be a good gardener, one must have patience, passion and willing to put in time.
    It's when you see them starting to bloom, you smile smile smile!

    Watching my mother gardening, I knew how tedius the process was.
    I helped her sorting the babies too and to fertilize and watering them. I really remember the good time shared together with my late mum.
    Caroline, how do you balance your time? You are great, being creative inside out! I am learning from you:)

  8. Sorry, Ho is Yoon See.
    I don't know that I signed in with different account.

  9. Wow!!! Two to ten years--now that is waiting patiently. Very cool post....

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