4 September 2009

Giveaway winner announcement!

It's very exciting here in the garden today - we're eagerly awaiting the draw for the little print of Mum's watercolour Cherries that we're giving away to celebrate 1 year of blogging! The contestants' names have all been put into the pot, given a good shake and as the guest of honour I've agreed to take time out of my busy schedule to pick a winner. OK, just making sure that my paws are spotlessly clean so that I can

extract that winning name...which is...



Congratulations Joss, your print will be on its way to you on Monday!
Thanks to all who took part in the Giveaway - we really appreciate your support!


  1. i am soooo eggsited caroline, it is lovely to win a print of a fellow bloggers art. thanks so very much to you and your kitty. yippeeee. and it was lovely seeing you and yoon see meeting too. xxxx

  2. no! no! no!

    are you sure of the results?

    maybe that 's' is really a 'k' and the winner is actually kjbrush.

    the gods and goddesses can be cruel, caroline.

    okay, with that out of the way, congratulations fellow-friend soulbush. i know you'll love it.


  3. Not sure whether the cats are rejoicing or not :-)

  4. Well, Soul is so lucky, that is a wonderful painting. The cherries just pop off the page!
    And your kats are krazy cute too.
    Your banner rocks! I do love those poppies. I found you via Soul's invite and so exciting you will be joining us all on the traveling artsysoulsisters book! See you there.
    Glad I found your blog. And always exciting when blog sisters meet up as you did with Yoon See! Wow.
    I'll be back.

  5. Nice to meet you.

    I was going to paste the link without permission because I had very felt the interest for your blog.

    Please link me with the blog if it is good.



  6. caroline, for the weirdest reason i can't the award you gave me to upload/download. i'll figure it out, but in the meantime thanks again. i hope you are having a great day. myself, it doesn't get any better than an autumn holiday in new england.


  7. HAHAHA! That is so funny with the kitties! HAHAHAH! COngratulations to Soulbrush!

  8. Love the print, and the bracelets (I collect charm bracelets) AND the cats! Thanks for visiting me, so i could discover your work!

  9. You are most welcome Caroline!
    I will try again in your upcoming giveaway. Looking forward!

  10. Oh how I just love your kitty Cat! Great pics!


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