4 September 2009

Week word - Charm

This Weekword is 'charm', chosen by the charming Linda Sue . I'm showing a few charm bracelets that I made a while back. Charms are pendants or trinkets which may be just decorative but can also often signify important things in the wearer's life.

Strawberry Smoothie

Here's a girly creation for Valentine's Day - I combined pretty pink and strawberry coloured handmade lampwork (glass) with Swarovski crystals, silver beads and a Karen (Thai hill tribe) silver heart charm to make up this sweet bracelet.

Deep Ocean

The ocean is always a favourite theme. This bracelet has beautiful turquoise and cerulean blue lampwork beads with Bali silver, Swarovski crystal and Karen silver shells and starfish charms.


I favour the colour green - I wear it a lot, use it in furnishings in my home and of course love my tropical green garden here in KL!
For this full, jangly bracelet I used various green and white pearls, lampwork with semi precious stones, crystal and silver. I added a Karen silver dragonfly and little bell charms.

I think dragonflies are charming creatures and love to feature them in my artwork. In many places in Europe folklore paints them as rather sinister creatures associated with evil and injury, but in East Asia they seem to have a far better reputation and are considered symbols of courage, strength and happiness. Well, wherever you hail from or whichever way you choose to think of them, dragonflies are undeniably beautiful.

To view more Weekword 'charms' please visit Linda Sue's delightful blog, All I Ever Wanted, where you'll find a full list of participants and discover who will be nominated to choose the next Weekword!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Mmm I think my favourite is deep ocean. Beautiful illustration too so delicate and pretty.

  2. Caroline! Your bracelets are indeed charming- Love the strawberry one, could just eat it up! I agree with you about dragon flies- they are abundant at the lake and very beautiful, nothing sinister about them! They are like faeries and when they turn a certain way become invisable. They shine as though they are light sources.
    Very nice charm post!

  3. Wow - your bracelets are really pretty! I have a silver charm bracelet that I put together from an old silver chain and some charms that I made/collected a while back. I quite like to wear it but it is very clattery - not good for working on a keyboard. I love the painting of the dragonfly - I think they are such delicate creatures - we called them fairy-helicopters.

  4. these are beautiful bracelets - and charming indeed! i've never had the knack for jewelry design - wish i did...

  5. Beautiful bracelets - I love them all! When I lived in California we had an 8 inch long dragonfly that lived in one of our apricot trees. He slept there, stretched out on a branch. He was lovely.

  6. I love dragonflies too, so I adore your green bracelet and also the painting. They are both stunning!!!

  7. Wow
    They are really lovely
    Love the ocean bracelet.
    Do you have an on line shop?
    Came here because you are joining the Artsysoulsister and I found your blogadress in Joss' list.
    Lovely blog and lovely cats!
    I will look at more later............

    Have a nice day!

  8. i love dragonflies too! This is sooooo beautiful :)

  9. Oh my Gosh! What can you NOT do? You are amazing! These are beautiful!

  10. I love dragonfly too:)
    Lovely and charming and that's how the word "charm" wrapped around here!

  11. The charm bracelets are so beautiful.


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