5 November 2009

Thankful Thursday - Gifts in the post!

Just look what arrived in my mail box last week! Not one, but 4 superb ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) in smart black and white mounts, from my extremely generous blogging friend Ces, in the States!

These delightful little works of art (2½" x 3½") are incredibly detailed little ink drawings.

Little Dot

Many of you will already know that not only is Ces a prolific artist, who works in oils as well as ink, she is also a good storyteller - if you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Ces yet, you really will have to pay her a visit to see what I mean! Here is Little Dot, a character from one of Ces's tales.

Winter Man

Ces loves drawing trees - here's a little winter forest scene.

Quercus lyrata

Quercus lobata

And many of her recent drawings feature acorns in particular! I never realised that there were so many varieties of oaks and different acorns till I met Ces! The top pic is Quercus lyrata , also known as the Overcup Oak after the nature of the growth of its acorns - the cup almost literally encloses it. Then Quercus lobata, below, one of the largest oaks of N America, has these unusual long acorns. For everyone who has admired Ces's acorns on her blog, I can vouch that these are indeed beautiful , the detail is amazing and of course, they are even better in real life - but you'll have to make do with clicking to enlarge!

Ces, this was such a lovely surprise to receive in the post. All your work is simply beautiful - thank you so much for trading cards with me - I will treasure these little pieces of art!

One more things before I close - another gift from Ces! This is another award she has created recently for her dear friend Arija and so kindly bestowed on me too - you can click on the award to read all about it! Thank you so much, Ces ♥


  1. What a stunning presentation in those mats! Wow, wonderful.

  2. wow Caroline, They are gorgeous. I love them displayed like that in b & w....you must be thrilled!

  3. What fabulous little ATC's, I will be sure to check out Ces!

    And thank you Caroline, for your feedback on my new website. I really appreciate it! :-)


  4. Wow what beautiful works of art!
    Amazing all those acorns! I couldn't leave a comment on her blog...... but her work is amazing!
    I love those passe partouts around it.
    Lucky you!

  5. ...beautiful little pieces of art. I'm just learning about ATCs. I love the concept of trading cards. They are gorgeous displayed in the mats.

  6. yes ces does do amazing stuff. intricate and yet dainty too. love them

  7. Let me just say that last month I received the most amazing watercolor drawing and paper folding art in the mail! I was so nervous withthe echange because of your workmansip! I always think of you as a watercolr master. Thank you very much Caroline. I will gladly echange anything with anytime that is if you are nottired of looking at my work. This was my fist ATC exchange and I thouroughly enjoyed it! Thank you very much!

  8. Beautiful work! Black and white is so striking.

  9. what fun and how nice.

    atc's seem to be he best thing since sliced bread. what a great way to create, share, appreciate.

    xoxo caroline

  10. Congrats Caroline. You always blessed with award.
    I am so happy for you that you have another great friend like Ces so loving you and send you precious artworks:)
    Take care, I really care to drop by here, even though a bit late, I am truly blessed to witness these beautiful present from ces to you.

    Caroline, you are a great artist and Ces is also an great artist.
    Congrats again!

    Happy weekends:)

  11. Yes, yes, yes! Aren't they absolutely breathtaking in person????? I am the proud owner of some of Ces's amazing work, too. They always blow me away. Congratulations on the award, too! YAY!

  12. i can never get enough of ces's work! these go beyond ATCs... a new word should be invented for her mini drawings. you are one lucky girl!

  13. wow! everyone is so generous with praise. Thank you so much! I should make more nuts! Everybody likes them it seems. Hahaha!

  14. These are absolutely lovely Caroline. They are so beautifully and simply framed too. What a wonderful surprise in the post.

    Interesting to see the delicate white fungus "dress" in the post above but glad I cannot smell it. I have smelled stinkhorn mushrooms in the UK and they are foul.


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