15 December 2009

Too wit, too woo, x two

'Owl II ' - Collage

This week I've been making more collages with the relief prints I made from a lino cut of an owl. This one has quite a wintery feel. I used mount board with texture paste as a base for the papers. The owl was printed on thin rice paper.

'Owl III' - Collage

I really must try to find more descriptive titles! This owl has been printed on what I like to call 'speckled- egg' paper. I've teamed it with printed papers that have arabic script and patterns from a little catalogue of Islamic artifacts that I've had for several years, just waiting for the right project!

I'm really enjoying making this series - I might make some prints of these later. If you're interested, you can find 'Owl I' here.


  1. Beautiful and an owl is our family totem.

    I totally miss Christmas when the kids were small, wasn't it the best of times Caroline?

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. Caroline I don't even know how it came up but we have a few pictures of our family and have a little owl sitting in the corner.

    I think we all love the owl and identified and one day just said it was our totem.

    I don't even remember though.


  3. The bottom owl is stunning Caroline - works so well with the arabic patterns. I love owls too. I always remember my mum and I rescuing an injured one and taking it to a bird sanctuary. I was holding him in the car and was shocked when his head swivelled completely round to stare at me. We both stayed like that for the 20minute journey!

  4. Your work continues to boggle my mind. Just very beautiful. Stunning really!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kids came over last night to make cookies- Great fun! Christmas foo foo is not happening in this house this year- still torn up from flood BUT I do have an owl somewhere- and a little santa hat for him to wear- thanks for the reminder-
    LOVE abasolutely love your prints- gorgeous and awesome!
    Have a happy christmas in aussieland- hope the sun is shining nicely...

  6. what an awesome effect the print has on the found papers! i am becoming more and more intrigued by hand printing - it looks like a very difficult process but by your hand the results look effortless! just beautiful!

  7. Wonderful owl, Caroline! I love the look of lino cuts.


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