6 January 2010

Another page for a travelling art book

Here's a page for Lisa's book - the last in her travelling book before it flies back to her! Knowing that Lisa is a nature lover I decided on a wild flower/plants theme and made this page with a lino cut printed onto some lovely delicate, lacy/spiderweb-like paper which I applied to coloured Japanese papers. I have to say I struggled a bit with the cutting of this design - lots of curves and zigzags here - and slipped with the tool to decapitate a poor little snail in the process :( Hence the addition of an origami butterfly to fill the gap left by my carelessness! Hope you like the print Lisa!


  1. Wow Caroline, this is just stunning. HOpe you had a great Christmas with your family! All my best wishes to you in 2010. I look also forward to following your blog and amazing art work! xxx

  2. This is exquisite!!
    Poor escargot :(
    I do love the blue butterfly with the greens and browns though!


  3. I can just imagine you trying to get all of those curves and zigs cut into the surface. I am so thrilled with the end result. I don't see one mistake here. It is beautiful.!!! I can't wait to get it into my hands so my eyes can fully absorb the print. Thank you.

  4. what a lotta work too. great art.

  5. Lovely. I think the butterfly helps make it so.

  6. This is spectacular...so many layers of loveliness...you are sooo talented in so many areas...Delightful! :)

  7. Wonderful use of color & pattern! do so love the butterfly covering...

  8. I said on the other blog how beautiful this is and say it again here. I love the flow of the flowers and leaves....Just a wonderful piece of art in all ways. And of course the little orgami butterfly is so special.

  9. Wow--I'm really missing alot of absolutely lovely pictures by not looking at your site more regularly. This is gorgeous!


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