26 January 2010

Art Hearts for Haiti

oil pastels

oil pastels and indian ink

oil pastels and indian ink

Here are some little ATCs I've made this week for the Art Hearts for Haiti project. Laure over at Painted Thoughts has initiated this project for artists to help those in Haiti - click the link to read all about it. Anyone is welcome to join in and make a small heart card, ATC size 2.5 x 3.5 inches and email it to Laure. The deadline is 29th Feb, so there's still time to participate!


  1. Wonderful hearts! Great you are joining this project!
    I will mail my friend where her pictures are........

  2. beauties! I have a feeling Laure is flooded with hearts by now. Hurray!!!!!

  3. These are so full of texture and heart.

  4. Creative hearts and all are so unique on its own.
    I hope to join this project but my time just too tight!
    I am so glad you have a big heart for Haiti!


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