7 January 2010

Reverse of my page for Lisa's book

Having posted Lisa's picture yesterday and put it together with the others in her book I felt the back of the page needed a little something to complete it - especially as it is the last in the book. So, I got cracking today with this postcard. I decided to use a watercolour painting of two cherries I had done some time back and cut these out to place over collaged papers (you may recognise my current favourite - a swirly white paper which seems to be popping up in lots of my pieces recently!). Thus 'Tumbling Cherries' was born! Although the colours are true, the scan does seem to have made the image look a bit flat - it just isn't doing the textures justice - pity :( !


  1. Wonderful addition to Lisa's book!
    Love the red I am a big fan of cherries, love everything about them! Except that I get an allergic reaction of them.... I sometimes eat a whole kilo and then take an anti histamine :)
    All the pages you do are fantastic.
    Glad that by this book project I got to know you and your wonderful talent!

  2. I am so in awe of your talent. Oliver and the Apples makes me incredibly happy because you captured his royal self as well as his whimsical self.

  3. Both sides of your page are beautiful, but I may like the reverse side best. I wondered how you got that swirly look to the page in the previous post. I like that paper too. I can't believe Lisa's book is finished already! Lucky her!

  4. caroline, i am not a critic of art in any way and it's all too obvious how much i love your work, but this one: i just love the balance of it. i find it soothing, and then the red cherries pop (propel) me back into action.

    and lo and behold to see laurel's pigeon at the bottom of the post. i looked at it, looked at it, thought to myself: that looks like something lo would have done.

    when are you coming to the states, caroline? because an art party is forming in my excited imagination.

    what's next? IF? i can hardly wait.


  5. Can't wait to see the grand finale. It is so exciting. Thank you so much Caroline.

  6. Cherries! Happy bright and perfect! Excellent choice and combination! Lisa will be over the top pleased!

  7. e luscious cherries once more. They have become your signature.

  8. I just feeling retro here. I love seeing contrast of colours and you did it so well here Caroline!


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