16 January 2011

In Flight x 2, new project and GIVEAWAY!

In Flight #1

The Brooklyn Sketchbook Project has taken up every hour of the day for the past couple of weeks!! Anyway, I'm pleased to report that my 'In Flight' themed sketchbook is finally finished and in flight winging its way to the States as I type! I'm so pleased that I made the effort (I'd only done 4 pages by the start of the new year!) as I really enjoyed the total art immersion whilst I created all the pages! To view them you can click on the image above or use the tab below my header.

You may also notice that below my header I've added another new tab for a page that will lead you to my other project - a new blog called Caroline's Stitched Textiles - not a terrifically original name, I know, but I'm just hopeless at finding catchy names and this was the best I could do at short notice! I've been anxious to set this blog up to document my work on a City and Guilds Embroidery course which I'm studying by distance learning. I actually started this a while back and completed Module I already when I lived in Hong Kong! However, I've been really slow about starting it up again since I moved to KL, but it's full steam ahead now and if you're interested in checking out what I get up to there please do hop over and take a look! Again, you click on the image above get there, or use the new tab below my header.

In Flight # 2

Bob out on a limb!

Now on to Bob, our one-eyed cat. As you can see from the photo he seems to think he is a bird. Silly moggy got himself stuck up that tree last week after being chased by a couple of dogs!

Click to enlarge to get a better view

This photo gives you some idea of how high up he'd managed to climb. One of next door's gardeners shinned up the tree to try to help him, but his efforts only served to make Bob climb even higher and yowl even louder! More attempts to catch him in a swimming pool net had the same effect! In the end he made it down to the ground on that branch, which was eventually sawn off. Fortunately, he was none the worse for his adventure, but I think it'll be a while before he ventures through an open gate again!

Of course, HRH Tia had no sympathy for Bob!

Finally, just a little advance notice of a GIVEWAY on my blog! It's been absolutely ages since I've had one here and I'm feeling in a celebratory mood with the completion of my latest projects, so I'll find something nice for you and be back soon with more information. See you soon!


  1. I'll be clicking on your Brooklyn project next. I tried to yesterday but it wasn't there yet :)

    That BOb...he really wanted to escape those dogs! Who can blame him? I wonder if he read that article in the paper last week about the KL tourist who stayed on a farm and the 2 dogs mauled him and killed him. Awful!

    And HRH Tia, always in the same self-righteous position! I do love her ;)

    Nice to have you back Caroline!♥

  2. congrats on finishing the sketchbook! I lost mine somewhere- oh well. When I find it I can continue just for my own pleasure. Your kitties are adorable- I've been scissoring paper the past day or so- so gratifying and mindless...LOVE the bird on the map- very cool!

  3. I looked at your sketchbook. My oh My Caroline what a gorgeous book that is. A sure treasure. Will you get it back? I sure hope so!
    And that Bob how high he was and Tia just like a real RH not raising a brow. So funny
    That last page is so cool of your sketchbook!

    Must look at all your other things.
    I am back trying to catch up......

    Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  4. Tia does look like royalty and Bob just sounds like a Bob. I'm glad he was returned to land without too much excitement! Congrats on finishing your sketchbook - I know many have been struggling to meet the deadline. Good for you!

  5. Caroline! Your book! It is exquisite! Absolutely stunning, every turn of the page. And I love all the different styles and media. You are fantastic! And now your art is soaring somewhere over the seas!

    The textile art is very cool! I especially love the variation in tone using thread.

    Tia's expression is priceless! Hahahaha

  6. oh that rabbit is one of the best bunnies i have ever seen. kj says you are very talented and now i believe her, which i usually don't but this time i do.

    emily v. v. rabbit

  7. Poor Bob, glad he's ok now after his ordeal. Congratulations on finishing your sketchbook. It is a real treasure.

  8. What happened to Bob? Okay I am all distracted because I wonder what finally happened to him.

  9. Congress on completing the sketchbook! What a job that is and yours looks gorgeous!

  10. Hi Caroline. Congrats on getting the sketchbook finished. I devoted practically every waking minute to mine in the last couple of weeks too. I guess I took it too easily early on. I am so impressed with your work, especially the gorgeous butterflies and I loved the kingfisher and well, everything really. I haven't heard that they have received mine yet. I hope it hasn't got lost anywhere!!! Have a great week. Cathy

    PS Tia is a princess isn't she?


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