25 January 2011

New owl prints and a Giveaway!

I decided to have another play with my owl lino print (the one in my header) and had fun printing onto different grounds such as watercolour, handmade papers, and brown paper bags. I then took a few a bit further with collage.

'Viewpoints' linoprint with collage © Caroline Soer

Here's one I made by printing onto a flimsy paper with a holey pattern. It's difficult to see here, but you can probably spot it in the centre of the 2nd photo above. This allowed the background map to show through a little - clicking the photo to enlarge will help! I added more torn papers for trees and finally some printed words.

Soon there was quite a flock - this is my owl portfolio!

And then the family grew a little larger when I decided to scan the smaller lino prints into my computer and print them out on watercolour paper.

'Ice owl' print © Caroline Soer

'Storm Owl' print © Caroline Soer

'Woodland Owl' print © Caroline Soer

I think they look quite smart in a simple black frame ( the prints measure 20 x 25 cms or 8" x 10" so easily fit into a standard frame). The first 5 will be flying into my Etsy shop this week but before that I'm going to GIVE AWAY one here on my blog!!

So, if you'd like a chance of winning one of these prints please leave me a comment to say which one of the 3 prints,' Ice Owl', 'Woodland Owl' or 'Storm Owl' you prefer. Everyone is welcome to join in - regular commenters, occasional followers and new visitors alike! I'll draw the winning name on Sunday and then I'll print your favourite owl on Fabriano watercolour paper. Your owl print will be signed and then packaged carefully, ready to make its journey to you where you can pop it into a frame!

Good luck!


  1. I like them all... I would love to have the woodland owl if I were lucky enough to win. I am craving lots of color. These colors make me happy. Cheers.

  2. now how could i possibly decide among these three, caroline? that is asking too much.

    okay, eyes closed, teeth clenched, faint sound of background trumpet: the ice owl!

    i cannot believe those trees. torn paper? that's all? you are something else, my friend (so glad of that!) you are my favorite water colorist, and now perhaps my favorite ice owl-er.

    keep playing. :)

  3. Ooooo, Caroline, I am looking at the card with your owl print here in our living room right now. I so love it!! Dare I be greedy and enter this giveaway for another owl?!? My favorite of these three is the woodland owl. But they are all wonderful!! Much love, Silke

  4. oh wow Caroline!!!! these are amazing....they are all so beautiful....the woodland owl is my favorite ....all of them look amazing so it would be hard to pick just one!!! hehehehe

    wonderful work

  5. Storm Owl goes with my green recliner!!! LOL I love them all. We are so fond of families of burrowing owls in our town who we visit regularly (they live on the side of a busy street off a golf course) and we photograph every chance we get. You maybe have seen them on my blog. So ALL your owls sing to me! I love the whole flock!
    good luck with many sales.

  6. What a process...I loved seeing the fotos of how the owls came into being. I think all three are just fabulous but if I were lucky enough to win I´d have to pick the STORM OWL. This is one of those times when you have to ask yourself...do I feel lucky?
    Come on Caroline, make my day!!!!

  7. HOOT HOOT! These are absolutely stunning! Oooh, and I love that paper. That's like Japanese lace paper, no? My goodness, they are all so beautiful it's hard to pick a favorite...... Okay, I'll say Ice Owl. I love those blues!

  8. Love the woodland owl so if I was lucky enough to win he is the one!

  9. I love it when people post their process... and I really love the ice owl the best but all are beautiful!

  10. No way to say which is favorite! They are all Favorites- I am inspired now!

  11. Mmm - hard to say but ice owl is my favourite as I love blue. I really cannot be greedy and enter your giveaway as I've only just received your Malaysian Birds. Which has been much admired by the way.

  12. Oh how lovely!!! They all have their own personalities even though it's the same lino cut. Amazing!

    You know blue is my favorite color, so I'd have to choose Ice owl for that reason alone.

    How very generous of you!


  13. They are very cute!
    Think I love the woodland best.
    But that collage is amazing ! Love that map in the background. Somehow maps are always inspiring.

    Have a nice day♥

  14. I'm captivated by all these images. I would love the Storm Owl if I won the lucky draw. Thanks Caroline!

  15. These are so fantastic, Caroline. I love how each of them has its own little story to tell. If I were to be the lucky winner, I would like the Woodland Owl, please. So nice of you to give them away.

  16. These are just gorgeous!
    It's tough, but I think I like the Ice Owl best :)

  17. Ice owl! Never met an owl I didn't like, but I absolutely love these.

  18. Oooooohhhh!! I love them all, Caroline! Beautiful beautiful work! I thank you for the chance at your giveaway..if I had to choose...it would be the Woodland Owl. : ) You are such an inspirational artist, dear Caroline!

  19. ...gosh, Caroline! These are so cool. I love all of them...each in a different way. Since it's so icy here now with lots of snow, I guess I'll choose Ice Owl. I would like to learn how to make one of these...one of these days!

  20. It's a toss up between Ice and Woodland, but in the end I can't resist the colors in the Woodland owl. They are all beautiful, Caroline!

  21. I love them all but my favorite is the ice owl - that blue is beautiful and highlights the owl so well. I really like the movement in storm owl too. Whoever wins will be honored to have a piece of your art!

  22. My favorite is Ice Owl!

  23. Wow...really like all the different treatments with these!

  24. Really great lino prints, love your owl image:)


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