8 August 2011

If you go down to the woods today.....

Walking through the woods during our stay in Wales this summer, we came across these moss covered uprooted trees. We reckoned they resembled bears - do you see them too?

Found this pine cone - didn't know they looked so pretty inside!

A curious little fellow on the other side of the RSPB hide.
'Light of the World' - sculpted from fallen tree wood - one of dozens of wooden sculptures in the Sculpture Park at Lake Vyrnwy in Wales.

'Cuckoo in a cage'

Title unknown but they're certainly intriguing little windows.

The Victorian reservoir of Lake Vyrnwy in Powys Wales, is a stone-built dam, constructed in the 1880s for the purpose of supplying Liverpool and Merseyside with fresh water. Today the nature reserve and the area around is a popular retreat, for ornithologists, cyclists and hikers.

This is the charming cottage we rented for a week - so pretty!

The garden was a delight! Click to investigate.

More travel pics next time.


  1. i am enchanted :) thank you so so much for sharing, just lovely!

  2. What a lovely cottage! I enjoyed looking through the windows of the sculpture in the park. Enchanting! Thanks for sharing Caroline.

  3. Oh Caroline, that magical cottage!! I love it! And the moss covered bears, my goodness. I have missed your posts so much. Welcome home!XX

  4. I think I'm going to have to stow away in your luggage the next time you go on vacation—what a delightful cottage!

  5. Oh my, so much beauty. I love the cottage. How delightful!
    Enjoy, enjoy!

  6. I love Wales - it's so green. I think they should use your pics of the cottage in their brochure. No one would be able to resist it!

  7. it looks so lovely to be in that magical cottage, and yes...I see the lumbering bears - absolutely wonderful. sounds like a gorgeous area

  8. Great pics...the top one reminds me of a seal on a rock!!!


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