19 August 2011

Illustration Friday

Gull ©Caroline Soer 2011

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My offering for 'Swell' for Illustration Friday - just in time before the new theme later today! Painted in watercolour on gessoed mountboard. Nearly didn't make it though....was wondering why it was taking so long to dry, then finally realised that I'd managed to coat it with spray mount, rather than fixative - aargh !!!! That'll teach me to check the can first! Anyway I've managed to dab enough off to stick (!) it in the scanner - now just have to hope the rest will dry up on its own.

I enjoyed painting the gull but I'm not really a fan of them in real life - they are noisy, cheeky and messy!

I went to Lyme Regis in Dorset this summer for a weekend with some old friends (we were at school there together). Love the place, but it does have its fair share of gulls too. One divebombed us (probably a mate of the one in the montage above) and left his calling card! Not pleasant!


  1. For me this conjures up a walk along the coastal path in wild weather! I love the texture you get in your work. I thought bird droppings were supposed to be lucky Caroline. Mind you, not when it's the size of a seagull!

  2. hello my dear friend! whatever you mistakingly used does not affect the sweetest of this illustration. i know the ocean well and you have captured those tossing waves perfectly.


  3. Seagulls always remind me of our holiday in Cornwall and despite the wrong spray he looks very dapper and appealing.

  4. This painting looks 3-D to me. Beautiful. I know what you mean about them being messy and noisy. I have been enjoying seeing the vacation photos you have been posting. What a wonderful time.

  5. I love your gull- the other ones not so much. They are cheeky and they don't care because they don't have to, I guess. Love the photos as well, very welcoming!

  6. Lovely seagull! All your fotos of your recent trip are wonderful....what an adventure!

  7. Wonderful painting! I love the blues and greys...and I like gulls as long as they don't poop on me!



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