17 October 2011

Garden visitors

 Ever get the feeling you're being watched?

These two playful young Macaques startled me  - they were on the roof peering in at me through the studio window!

And this is their chaperone, who was quite aggressive!

Later this shy Dusky Leaf monkey and his extended family came to visit -  amusing to watch as they cavort in the Mango tree!  


They come into the garden to feast on flowering trees like Bauhinia.

I'm not sure how they rate  Erythrina Fusca or Coral Bean tree flowers...

but I'm positive they relish Frangipani trees -  these poor specimens never stood a chance!

I've lost count of how many times we've replanted branches (fortunately they root easily enough) only to see them felled again a few months later!

Enjoying a juicy branch!

Sadly, we won't be seeing many of these beautiful blooms again for a while :(


  1. wow, I get so thrilled to see our little squirrel come into the house looking for nibbles but MONKEYS! Sorry about your trees but really who could resist those faces? Not I! Your yard is exquisite! your pool *sigh*. Sunshine and warmth. Divine, I must say! Wonderful post- like taking a holiday far away, thank you!

  2. They do have the most charming faces except when they are baring their teeth at you. You definitely live in another world.

  3. Such fantastic photos, Caroline. I think they'll keep me smiling for the rest of the day.

  4. Oh, those poor trees! These little guys are cute, but I think I'd be a little freaked out to see an almost-human face staring at me. And yowza, those TEETH!

  5. All those pictures bring many different feeling.
    The first monkey I saw I thought Oh how cute this is to have in your garden. Then the one who showed the teeth, oops a bit scary though.....
    And then that cute family of small monkeys. And all those beautiful flowers! What abundance!!!!!
    But then that sad frangipani destroyed...... You have showed that before. Must drive you crazy.
    I am sure those monkeys give you mixed feelings too.
    But eh...... you still live in paradise and paradise is also for the animals they don't know what a fence is.....

    Enjoy your day and thanks for showing me your lovely garden again

  6. Getting the neighbours cat in the garden is just no competion, but I can't believe how distructive your monkeys are. They certainly give slugs a run for their money.

  7. Wow, who would of thought those "little" monkeys could do that kind of damage! And yes, I can see where it would be a little unnerving to look up and see that face peering back at me!

    What an interesting world you live in!

  8. caroline, when robin, mim, kj and I were having lunch together I mentioned you and monkeys in your house! I must have channeled this furture visit :)

    I'd freak out if I came face to face with the bigger ones. They can be quite aggressive, as you know. I hope your kitties stay away from them!

    You do live in paradise though.


  9. omg,,,to see something like that hanging over the roof looking in...wow...you had me laughing but yikes, look at those TEETH...good grief!! And I see they have yet again hit the trees...I bet even the cat runs when she sees these guys heading for the garden...

  10. Hello Caroline,
    Oh my god Caroline, that seems frightened, these animals suddenly in your garden. Good that you had your camera at hand. What a mess they can make,..brrr..!!
    Nice shots!!

    Greetings, Marco


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