2 March 2009

Nest and birds

I am finally able to post this watercolour painting I started for Illustration Friday last week. Having been cut off from the outside world for 3 days with no internet at home ( a major problem in our area, apparently) I was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms and very worried when I heard it might not be back before Thursday! Well, fortunately, the fault has now been rectified so here is my nest with hungry baby birds. This took take me all week to paint - don't think I'll be attempting another nest for a long while!


  1. WOW...Caroline, I can imagine it took you all week. What detail. Your next and birdies are beautiful! You are very talented. Wishign you a great week...hope your internet doesnt fail again...I really like visiting your blog! take care, LIsa

  2. Really beautiful work. I love the little bits of paper woven into the nest and the birds are adorable. Excellent attention to detail.

  3. I am not surprised it took so long Caroline. You can see the wonderful details in the large version and it is really beautiful. I have always loved birds nests and was fascinated as a child by any nests we found in hedges etc. I like to watch nests being made.

    Sorry to hear about the internet problem. We get so used to our computers that we get withdrawal symptoms when they are not there...lol.

  4. WHOA! I just had to blow it up and admire all the little tiny details. The weaving of all that grass and paper -- exquisite and masterfully done! Wow! The little hatchlings look so downy, I just want to reach right out and touch one. And I love how you've added the wrinkled scrap of paper with Instinct on it. Brilliant! This is one gorgeous nest. Well worth all that effort and waiting. :)

  5. Amazing work, Caroline! The nest is so beautiful, such great detail, with just the right texture and color. I too love the bits of paper -- truly lovely!

  6. Well, it might have taken longer than you'd have liked but the effort was most definitely worth it. Really, an EXCELLENT job here!!!

  7. It's really worth your time and care. The result is so beautiful!
    I love it :)

  8. oh!!!!
    I love this three little birds crying for food! It has really worth the week painting! they are so cute and the drawing is great!


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