29 August 2010

Weekend pleasures

There's nothing I like more at the weekend than to take a leisurely breakfast on the garden terrace . Today I prepared some fresh fruit, with vanilla yoghurt and some sweet raspberry sauce (left over from Friday's dinner party desert - couldn't let that go to waste!) topped with toasted chopped nuts. To follow a hot croissant with ginger marmalade - yum!

The pool was inviting - I dipped my toes

and contemplated reflections in a blue pot

Watched the cats watching each other,

then strolled around the garden.

Happy to see my new pots of orchids are thriving.

The Rangoon Creeper is in full bloom - its perfume is delicious!

Beautiful Bauhinia - it doesn't stay on the tree for long - monkeys love it!

I counted 9 different varieties of palm tree growing in the garden.

Bananas reaching for the sky (next door)


and wildlife .

I love my garden!


  1. Aaaaaaaaahhhh! So lovely Caroline! The flowers in your garden remind me of my Mother's garden. All those exotic blloms. I cannot believe you just dipped your toes. If it were me, I'd live in the pool and probably have breakfast at poolside. Hope all is well with you! Tsup!

  2. I love your garden too. It seems so exotic with all those tropical plants. So many I have never seen before except in a Botanic Garden Glass House. The birds are unusual too. Thanks for the tour.

  3. Wow Caroline!! Amazing photos! Love that dragonfly!! Fantastic! Thanks for the peek into your garden and letting us enjoy the poolside breakfast.... and for the visit.

  4. I am in the wrong hemisphere - I am in the wrong life! I also need a camera full of magic like yours, please...The reflections in the blue pot - astonishing!Such a rich splendid post I want to hang it on my wall- embiggened! LOVELY!

  5. I had to look at your profile to see what tropical area you were in. Love the orchids, such a lovely house and garden.

  6. OMG!! What a paradise! I love your garden! Can I join you for breakfast sometime? And a dip in your pool? Give me a second, I'll be right over.

  7. I love your garden too! It looks so tranquil - I could curl up with a good book and just listen to sounds of nature.

  8. Well it is easy to see why you love your garden...the monkey got me. Wild huh? Yep, just taken forgranted? Okay! LOL

  9. caroline, i bought my ticket, i've arranged for fresh blueberry muffins and pink frosted cupcakes, and i'll be arriving at 10:45 am--a good time to lean for either a muffin or a cupcake or both. :)

    oh your garden, caroline. i kept going back to your patio, imagining you sitting there. and that dragonfly (is that right?)! i have never seen colors like that.

    please invite me, caroline. that will be step one. :)

    ps your photography skills are--no surprise--as excellent as every thing else you do. the flowers just about dance for you.


  10. What a lovely garden you have Caroline! Is this your home in Malaysia? The plants and food are the same here in the Philippines. Oh and I love eating mangosteen, you make me crave for it!

    By the way, thank you very much for liking my facebook page. I saw you just added me there. Take care and may you have a wonderful week ahead.:)

  11. In such an ambiance art will definitely flourish :)

  12. OMG Caroline, I am so jealous here looking at your gorgeous home and garden! Jsut beautiful. I love every square inch of it and I love all the pics you took. Love the collage of blue u did. Thanks for sharing all these pics. Your pooslide breakfast looks so yummy. A beatufil oasis you have going on there. Weekend pleasures is right!

  13. Caroline, i wish i were your neighbor! every thing is divine, from breakfast to refreshing pool and the splendid orchids...Beautiful !!

  14. 'Wows' when I scrolling down! The monkey cracked me up!

  15. What a beautiful home & garden Caroline but ... I have to say... I just cannot imagine having the monkeys!!

  16. What a wonderful, magical world!!
    No wonder you create such beautiful art ;)

    I could live without the monkeys too!!


  17. Ooooh, Caroline, this is heavenly! Your garden is beautiful, and that pool... and the weather!!! :-)

  18. Really enjoyed perusing your garden (and breakfast..yumm). All so beautiful and bright and exotic. What a lovely spot you live in Caroline. I think I could even cope with your heat and humidity if there were a gorgeous pool like that in the garden.

  19. omg what an incredibly lovely place to live, the natural beauty is just sublime. hope you don't move from here too soon.so glad you are also doing the sketchbook project, we can share our results.

  20. oh this is not fair, I want your garden, and that pool. now I have Caroline envy. hmmmmph! and some mangosteens too please

  21. Caroline, your garden is very charming!
    I hope to be able to witness such cool environment:)
    Take care!


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