17 April 2011

What a cheek!

This morning I was disturbed in my studio.

This monkey came in via the window and sat on Mum's desk!!!!! (You may recognise the photo from the day he came into the kitchen and stole frozen rice - story here). Mum was upstairs but came running and shouted like some crazy woman at him, but he got very cross and threatened her, lunging forward and baring huge yellow teeth and we were scared, so backed off quickly and slammed the door shut. MOL!!!

Mum was worried that he would create havoc in there so ran to fetch her camera to chase him away ( Monkeys don't like cameras!). Fortunately, that just gave him time to get back through the open window without losing face and when we carefully peeked around the door again he was making his exit and was off like a shot when he saw Mum with the camera.

It wouldn't have been a problem of course, one left hook from me and he'd have beaten a hasty retreat I'm sure!

Fortunately, no real damage done! He obviously didn't think much of Mum's sketchbooks - personally, I think he came in to play with the bubblewrap!


  1. What I particularly love is "MOL". that is too funny!

  2. I'm glad to hear no real damage was done. Quite an encounter!

  3. What an adventure!!!!
    Glad he didn't attack or threatened you but he must have seen your claws.... ;)

    Have a nice weekend to you and your mom

  4. Laughed, heartily, all the way through this read. Too funny.

  5. oooh Tia...I am glad it all ended well. heavens those critters can be dangerous to say the least. You do look ever so gorgeous relaxing on your mom´s desk:) Next time he shows up throw him a brush and let him paint something.

  6. MONKEY! Really? That is just so cool and exotic! A little bit freaky. Your paw is quite a gorgeous one, all pink and tender looking surrounded by those amazing razor claws- you most certainly could cause some damage- but we are pleased that your Mum thought of the camera first- tidier than blood!

  7. Hiya, I'm back in bloggyland, so had to come and visit you. Monkeys are a real problem in Cape Town these days, really bothering tourists and residents alike.

  8. You have the coolest life! A monkey of all things!

  9. MOL!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

    I swear I was just telling friends about your last monkey encounter and here you go posting this!
    I brought it up when we were at the zoo last week looking at the Gibbons. I'm so glad Tia, oh shoot, Mia? No I'm pretty sure it's Tia (senior moment!)anyway...so glad she was there to protect you!


  10. I've never ever known someone before who had a monkey come in their house! Now I know people who've had a bear in their home, but no monkeys! It's crazy, and a bit scary!

  11. Your cat is so cute. And I AM SURE he would have scared that ole monkey off if given half a chance.
    Glad no more damage was done. Silly MOnkey!

  12. Eeeek! That would have scared the bejeezus out of me! So glad you still have your bubble wrap. :)


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